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Yang has been Guo Jing sent to the whole true teaching and Worship Zhao Zhijing as division, Zhao Zhijing will be in Guo Jing on the gas a brain vent in Yang over body. Not only did not teach Yang martial arts, but also sent him countless heavy physical life. Yang had only a few words on his back every day, and did not learn a trick or a half style of Kung Fu.

Words in the ring: Yang was oppressed wps obvious power

Once a year to test disciple apprentice to the situation, the first match is Yang and peacetime bullying him become accustomed to master Brother Qing Benedict. Before the start of the contest, Uncle announced the title of the contest: the roster of the participants in this competition is arranged according to the surnames. At the beginning, Yang leaned against the small Congming Benedict's underestimate the enemy, cheat Qing Benedict lost the opportunity, incredibly started when Yang lead.

But did not learn office Yang too soon was clear Benedict beyond, and the Qing Benedict did not Miss Yang, but also verbally insult him. Angry Yang too suddenly think of the Godfather Yin teach their WPS stunt, the result of a trick will use Office of the Qing Benedict defeated.

Yang over cheats: Discard manual sorting wps custom Smart Sort

Faced with the enormous pressure of the Qing tuk, Yang used the trick is to use WPs a little-known function to achieve instantaneous sorting. This magic trick, let Yang in almost a few minutes of time, on the overtake Benedict and completed the roster of all the people. But because Yang used the trick is too peculiar and powerful, even his master Zhao Zhijing have not seen such powerful tricks, can only ask Yang. And Yang after a long sigh of relief, began the 1510 statement:

I am not using office, but my godfather taught WPs. This competition is more than who can be the fastest in the student roster by surnames, I through the WPS custom sort can be removed from the use of office by the pull up and down the mechanical way. I first open WPS, then click the "WPS table" in the upper left corner of the screen and click "Options" in the lower right corner of the dropdown menu. Then you can see a pop-up window, and select "Custom Sequence", in the input sequence input box in accordance with surnames entry "Zhao, Money, Sun, Lee, Zhou, five, Zheng, Wang ...", and then click " Add ", then you can see in the left-hand side of the custom sequence appeared in the input surnames and click it, and finally clicked" OK. "

After we return to the initial interface, we select the name of the column and click "Sort" in "start", we find "custom sort" and click. Select "Options" in the pop-up dialog box. Then in the custom sort order, select the surnames you just added, click OK and then return to the "sort" interface, then we select "header row" in the "List" option, enter "name" in the keyword, and then click "OK", The entire roster is lined up according to the surnames sequence.

Divergent thinking: WPs custom Sort whatever numbers or words can be lined together

After listening to the introduction of Yang, his master and uncle are a bit stunned, this method is too tricky, than office to be convenient many times, and they know that the use of this method is not only can use the surnames to order the roster, but also directly with this method will be the degree, examination results, Even some of the true teachings of the martial arts cheats for sorting management.

Such a tricky method must not be learned by the students, who will also learn office? So they define Yang's methods as crooked, and they will go to the streets. Yang after know again fear and anger can only escape, thus triggered him and the Dragon Girl Frightened Heaven and earth the love story.

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