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In website optimization, the force of the outer chain has been undeniable. And in the Webmaster Circle, site optimization is the main goal is to increase the site outside the chain, thereby increasing the weight of the site. And in the construction of the outside chain, personal webmaster Use most of the non-forum outside the chain, which is the chain of the Forum and mainly by the personality of the signature of the outside chain. How do you do this place? The problem is that many webmasters have their own set of opinions. Today, I have to talk about how to do a good job of the forum signature settings, at the same time, there are several ways to set the signature.

One, simple plain type

Relatively speaking, many of the forums because there are levels and signature of the word limit, so that if the personality signature is too long, will certainly not show, then we use the forum signature to do outside the chain, natural preferred setting method is to try to simplify. As shown in figure:

This method of setting above is particularly suitable for a number of forums with a word limit, because if the signature is made into a special effect, it is easy to make the words exceed the limit. Of course, this setting can only be used in the construction of the outside chain, to improve their website visibility and exposure rate is not very important, after all, such a small font difficult to let users find. But for us to use the forum to do outside the chain is a good choice.

Second, the anchor text bold type

Each forum will have certain restrictions, such as the A5 forum in the personality signature is increased with the level of the increase in the number of words, generally reached the A4 level, the forum signed the word is enough, at least two hundred or three hundred characters can be placed, and how to do enough. And this time using the forum to build outside the chain, no longer just for the outside chain, there are other additional functions, of course, you need to set a prominent signature, such as the anchor text bold, Web site bold, as shown:


As we all know, the general post content of the font size is normal, not bold without special effects, then we put their own signature using bold effect can be very good and content separate, but also relatively easy to let users see, and not only to add to the site outside the chain, but also to increase the exposure rate of the site, and this method is indeed much better than the first one.

Third, the individuality shows off the type

If you look closely, you will find that some of the high level members of the Forum personality signature is a good reference object. For example, in the A5 forum, the membership level reached A5, the number of its signature has been unlimited, then we can put their own signature status personalized, so that users can see their own signature content at a glance. As shown in figure:

On the image shown in the personality signature, so show off the text effects can be very good to increase the content of the signature of the exposure rate, and this signature can not only do outside the chain, but also can bring traffic and build their own website brand, improve visibility. Comparatively speaking, the author thinks this kind of setting method is the best, because not only can do outside chain, also can increase the flow, raise the exposure rate, build the website brand.

Although the role of the forum outside the chain is no longer the past, but the site optimization in addition to outside the chain there are many more important factors, such as site brand, exposure rate, visibility and so on are very important, so do a good forum signature even if not for the outside chain, there are other unexpected harvest. This article by the Chinese logo Design production network http://www.logozhizuowang.com exclusive feeds, reprint please specify, thank you!

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