Discussion on DSP connection failure to ccs3.3

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  • Operating System: win7, 64bit
  • IDE: CCS v3.3
  • Simulator: Seed xds510plus
  • DSP model: tms320c6713gdp (dsp6713)
Check Procedure
  1. Try to press the reset button and then click Connect connection

  2. Check whether the power supply is normal (whether the core voltage is 1.2 V, and whether the I/O port voltage is stable at 3.3 V)

    Use the oscilloscope AC to test and check the ripple of the power supply. Page 99 of the tms320c6713 Data Manual requires the ripple range.

  3. If it is powered by a battery, check the battery voltage, the battery voltage is too low will cause connection failure, it is recommended to use the voltage monitoring chip TPS3823-33

  4. Check whether the power-on Reset is normal (there is a reset pulse when power-on, after power-on reset pin is high), dsp6713 reset pin on the top of the pull Resistance

  5. Check whether the clock output is normal, including the crystal oscillator output and eclkout (default = crystal oscillator clock/2 in tms320c6713). If the eclkout pin output is abnormal, the chip is broken.

  6. Whether the gel file loaded in the ccs3.3 project is correct (for example, "memory initialization ")

  7. Please make sure that the simulator is good (try replacing the DSP board with a good one), but it will not be bad luck in general. (how expensive is a simulator)

  8. Check whether the emu0 and emu1 of the jtag interface have an active/standby resistance. The NC pin should be left blank.

  9. Check whether the PLL filter pin is correct and whether the filter is welded.

    One time I couldn't even connect the Gnd foot of exccet103.

  10. Chip-related configurations (special pins described in the Data Manual) are configured using the pull-up/drop-down resistor? The following configuration is required for tms320c6713:

    In addition, keep pin rsv1 ~ For more information about the configuration of 7, see datasheet.

  11. There is really no way to find that the above check is correct. Congratulations, you have won the prize-change the chip ......

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