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In fact, we should also understand that ppm is essentially an idea and a management idea. By analyzing various data, we can sell the data required by the management, I have already talked about the data required by the management layer. However, as an idea, we always need a carrier to implement this idea, just like Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, which have been achieved through the revolution of the Soviet Union and China, deng Xiaoping Theory is implemented through reform, opening up, and one country, two systems. In ppm, it is actually implemented through tools, that is to say, it actually exists in this world as a software, as a system. In this system, we use some functions to implement the idea of ppm. (Like the eagleeye system, you still need to write the program and run it on your computer)


Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that when a foreign expert introduced ppm, he gave an example, saying that we used stock trading software to buy stocks. There were so many data analyses and trend charts, this allows you to study the next purchase and sale for reference, and the PPM system is similar. The only difference is that the data in ppm is more real and the future trend is easier to predict, stocks are hard to predict and there are too many variables. I think it is true that this is the case, because most of the data sources of PPM are extracted from actual operations, except for some potential risks and other data.


Now, let's go back to the topic and start to introduce how to implement"Whether to implement the features required by the customerAndCan some of the latest design concepts be added to the product?", Why do we need to talk about these 2.1 cases, because they are still a little connected, you have thought about it, if the customer's function is not implemented or the customer wants to add a new function, it is bound to add or change some designs in the product.


We say that a product or project mainly sells a customer, and the customer is God. Therefore, the customer generally needs to meet any requirements. However, if we deliver the project to the customer for acceptance only after the project is completed, there is a risk that the customer is not satisfied with the requirement, or does not implement some functions, in this way, rework and redesign will cause incalculable losses. In order to minimize unnecessary losses, the general method is as follows. During the project development process, you can check the progress of the project at each time, let the customer experience whether the good functions meet their requirements. In this case, the customer has actually viewed all the functions before the final acceptance, all comments have been raised, and the loss will not be too great. (This is also the agile development method I wrote earlier ).


In ppm, this method is still applicable, because for ppm, she does not exist independently, and she needs other systems to cooperate with her, especially on the software development platform, PPM needs to get some data from it to see if it will affect the progress of the entire project. The data mainly includes whether the customer's increase or decrease function will affect the progress and increase the cost, whether there are other risks, etc. After obtaining the data in real time, PPM will automatically adjust the project's situation analysis so that the management can immediately know the latest situation.


Now, I have finished all the five implementation points in ppm. I don't know whether you understand them clearly. If you still don't know, you can talk to me privately, I am very welcome. I copy these five points again here to make everyone more impressed.


1.Are you running the correct project:After all, you need to pay for the product, so you cannot invest in the wrong project. You have to check whether the product is correct at any time. Once the product is incorrect due to any factors, it is necessary to immediately dial the chaos.

2.Can the process be optimized:The so-called optimization, that is to say, only these limited funds, limited manpower, limited time, whether every resource is used in a maximized and best way, so that the entire process is carried out in an orderly and efficient manner.

3.Whether to implement the features required by the customer:This is the most practical. products are generally sold out. Of course, you have to sell the products that the customer wants. Therefore, the functions that the customer wants become very important, we need to implement what the customer wants to make it possible for the customer to buy our products.

4.Project Progress:This is very important for the CEOs of most growing companies, because they need to determine the progress, whether the delay, and whether the overspending will occur, use the data to guide the next step.

5.Can some of the latest design concepts be added to the product:We know that today is the information society, and every day all kinds of information are changing rapidly. For products, our functions may be better developed by competitors, therefore, we need new improvements to surpass our competitors. For customers, they may want to buy our products, but they feel that our functions are not as good as they think, where can we improve. Customers are God, so we have to change. However, the problem is that the product has already achieved this level, and new features are added to improve the old features to determine whether the normal release of the product will be affected.

(To be continued)

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