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When the main performance of the LAN can not meet the new application requirements of the enterprise, we must consider to upgrade the network. Upgrade should be based on the needs of network applications, analysis of network upgrade to solve the problem, in particular, upgrade the switch hardware equipment, this article and you discuss this issue.

First, upgrade network equipment

1, upgrade the network equipment selection principle

When selecting a network device for a network upgrade, you should follow these guidelines:


Because the upgrade is often the core and backbone of the network, its importance is self-evident, once the impact of paralysis is enormous. Therefore, the reliability must be placed first, whether the choice of the brand, or the configuration of the equipment, the reliability as the first consideration.


As a backbone network node, central switches, converged switches, and factory switches must be able to provide completely non-blocking multilayer switching performance to ensure business fluency.


The level of management of a large network directly affects the operating cost and the quality of the business. Therefore, all nodes should be NMS, and need a strong and concise network management system, to the network traffic, operating conditions, such as a full range of monitoring and management.

Flexibility and Scalability

Because of the complex structure of the enterprise network, the switch can connect with the whole series of interfaces, such as the optical port and the electric port, the hundred trillion, the gigabit and the Wan, the multimode fiber interface and the long-distance single-mode fiber interface. Its exchange structure should also be able to expand capacity flexibly according to the expansion of the network. Its software should have independent intellectual property rights and should ensure its subsequent development and upgrading to ensure support for new business in the future.


With the popularization and development of the network, all kinds of attacks threaten the security of the network. Not only access to the switch, the backbone of the switch should also take into account the security of the problem, such as access control, bandwidth control, so as to effectively control the bad business of the entire backbone of the network.

QoS control Capabilities

With more and more multimedia traffic on the network (voice, video, etc.), we put forward a higher request to the core Exchange node, not only to be able to carry on the general line speed Exchange, but also can according to the different business flow characteristic, carries on the effective control to their priority level and the bandwidth, thus guarantees the important business and the time sensitive business smooth.

Standard and Open

Since the network is often an environment with multiple vendor devices, the selected device must be able to support the industry's common open standards and protocols so that it can interoperate effectively with other vendors ' devices.


In order to meet the needs of the network and network applications, we should also take full account of the cost of equipment to achieve the largest return on investment.

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