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Let's analyze them one by one,First"Are you running the right project ",I have mentioned this before about why I want to know it. Copy it and let everyone learn it again,

After all, you need to pay for the product, so you cannot invest in the wrong project. You have to check whether the product is correct at any time. Once the product is incorrect due to any factors, it is necessary to immediately dial the chaos.


Of course, what we want now is not to say why we want to study "whether or not we are running the right project", but how can we know that we are running the right project. We can analyze this question. What is the correct project? There are only two aspects. One is that the project fully complies with the customer's requirements, and the other is that the project is under reasonable cost, risk, and resource control.


ForMeet customer requirementsIn terms of this, PPM provides the customer experience value to keep track of whether the product is working as required by the customer. Of course, this value is integrated with the product development system, after all, customers need to experience products or projects to know whether they meet their requirements (this also proves that ppm is not likely to be an independent system, instead, we need to mine data from different systems to draw a series of conclusions)


ForThe project is controlled at reasonable costs, risks, and resources.This is complicated, because we need to make statistics on any factors in the project's actual progress to obtain a relatively correct value, which includes the labor cost, possible risks, time, devices, and so on. Based on the statistics of these factors, we can conclude whether the project is healthy. After all, we have limited funds and time, limited manpower. If funds may exceed the budget, the time may exceed the budget, and the manpower may not be enough, PPM will display and remind relevant personnel to make the project controllable, sometimes you even need to stop the project because it costs too much.


I think the CEO is happy to see the data provided by ppm. Only investing in the right project can get the expected return.


The following figure shows a global structure of ppm, the management layer can see the basic information of all internal projects in the company in ppm and the overall development status of the company extracted from various data of these projects. Let's take a look, I will continue to talk about the processing of the other four points in ppm later.

(To be continued)

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