Discussion on the processing method of keyword ranking in the state of stalemate

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We do a lot of website keywords often have this feeling, that is the beginning of the key words can progress quickly, but to a certain ranking often will stop before, even if the brain to optimize also has no good effect, as if it is in the state of the stalemate, when this situation occurs when what to do? is to retreat from the array or find another way out, the author introduces several ways to solve this state!

One: Analysis of the characteristics of the state of stalemate

Generally when your keyword is in a state of stalemate, we can look at the same as your keyword site ranking situation, some of the former have done Baidu bidding, and some have better than you do the site, of course, their own site in addition to the lower ranking, included and snapshot updates are no problem, So it's normal to be in a state of stalemate at this time, because you are in the optimization, your competitors are also in the optimization, it depends on your ability is not more powerful than them, of course, some enterprises to do the bidding rankings currently you are no way to go beyond, but these do the bidding is a minority, the key is how to break through the opponents of interdiction, Is the most critical, once successful, the first page to Baidu is no problem!

Two: Four ways to resolve the state of the stalemate

1: In fact, this is a test of the perseverance of a person, see you insist on a long time or your competitors adhere to a little longer, of course, we still have to do better than competitors to do, especially in the site content construction above, the site that what is more than others, nature is content, keeps things interesting foul within is a typical spam site, We want to do is a five-star hotel-style site, not only the decoration is beautiful, but also need first-class service, such a site can compete with others, so the content of the site must be high quality, which is the most important solution to the stalemate of the state one of the most significant way!

2: To their own web site to find high-quality one-way links, if the professional to do SEO optimization friend hand in the site certainly many, the same type of site should be a lot, at this time can use the resources of the hand to carry one-way links, to know the search engine very value the one-way link site! can give your site a better weight!

3: Some people say I do not have such a good resource, that needs to play you write soft article's specialty, if did not write the soft article the specialty, that must hire some gunmen to help you to write, if you do not want to spend a penny to be able to optimize the website to the front, that also is too difficult, is simply impossible to complete the task, Why do I use the soft text here, rather than post it? Because the soft text gives you the quality of the chain better, more ability to compete with your competitors, so that they dumped in the back of your site!

4: The last is to repair the internal strength, this is a webmaster personal quality embodiment, like those outside the chain construction can also invite people to do, and the construction of the chain needs more detailed optimization, and is long-term, to start from the code optimization, until the user on your site is very satisfied!

For the site keyword ranking there is no need to lose heart, this is actually your success of the last stumbling block, looks difficult to shake, as long as you can have the spirit of the foolish, and add their own innovative operating site will be able to make your site better tomorrow! Source: lady.xdogo.com Xi Shopping website original starting, reproduced please keep.

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