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Because it is too long, it is estimated that a lot of people will not mind to see the summary, so I would like to say in the ahead. Do not modify the process of their own, step-by-step copy can be copied. I was forced to do it, I heard it was a good profit.


hanging Vagex is very cost of memory is recommended with free VPS students do not try (in fact there is also a free VPS method I succeeded to teach you.) This tutorial is only suitable for bit systems because 64bit system flash has to be replaced by itself.


1. Has a Vagex account number, is you make the foundation of the American DAO.

2.WIN host or their own local download software directly, click to run, + on the ID and then hang up the machine. Makes money. And it is said that using the goods to watch YouTube is said to not bother reading the fence wall.

3.Linux 32bit of the host can see the next step. Requirements: Memory: 256m/512m (Burst memory), if 24*365 hang up the words of the monthly need for 250G of traffic, of course, you can also set the timing hang.

4. First install desktop, due to the occupancy of the VPS memory, so we choose Lightweight desktop Xfce. Run Yum Groupinstall xfce-4.4 will be downloaded automatically.

5. Then install VNC, yum install vnc-server for Remote Desktop control

6. After installation, modify the Vncsercwer configuration file, path:/etc/sysconfig/vncservers, vi Edit command vi/etc/sysconfig/vncservers if not with the rookie like me to use the SFTP tool to solve.

Add in the back

Vncservers= "1:root"

vncserverargs[1]= "-geometry 800x600" Note: Be sure to pay attention to double quotes if half-width (because of the reasons for the blog directly copied double quotes will become full angle, so please manually modify), otherwise the configuration does not take effect, can not be added to the automatic operation of the boot! 7. The following set VNC password vncpasswd input two times password can

8. Then start Vncserver vncserver and then vncserver-kill:1.

9. This generates a configuration file and then edits it by/root/.vnc/xstartup using VI or SFTP tools

Replace the contents of the Xstartup with the following


/usr/bin/startxfce410, and then give Xstartup permission.

chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup

11. Then Set Vncserver boot

Chkconfig vncserver On12. So the VPS desktop environment and remote control is installed!

Next, start VNC and then try the remote access.

Vncserver13. Download the software locally


Then run, enter your VPS ip:1 must remember that there is a: 1 for example:

14. It should be accessible. If a figure displayed after landing, three options x, then restart the VPS

15. Next to install Firefox, Flash and Vagex

16. Install Firefox yum install firefox automatic download installation

17. After the case is flash

Download: wget http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/

Installation: Pm-i flash-plugin-

18.vagex Plugin


19. Through VNC Landing VPS (with this product is really want to win the same control linux! )

First, open Firefox, and then open the resource manager.

20. Then drag Vagex plug-in (xpi file) to the Firefox interface, Firefox will automatically install Plug-ins, after installation restart after the Firefox, will pop up a dialog box to you enter your ID, the input ID after the Vagex is good!

21. The next thing to do for Firefox is to make a setting that doesn't save the history (I don't know why) Edit ———— Preferences ———— Privacy

22. Select Never remember in the box behind Firefox would history

22. This is set up, and then the Firefox set up to boot

Click on the leftmost x icon below the desktop to select settings--autostarted applications

23. Click Add in the Pop-up dialog box, enter firefox,description in name without input, and enter Firefox in command.

So Firefox's boot up also set up!

24. Next reboot to see if it works!

25. Add Scheduled Tasks, let the VPS automatically work, using crontab to achieve.

26. First switch to the/var/spool/cron directory, and then use VI or SFTP tools to create a root file (use VI to direct the VI root on the line, winscp new root file no suffix, is root)

27. Enter the following content inside

* * * * rm-rf/root/.vnc/*.log

* * * * reboot

* * * Rm-rf/root/.vnc/*.log

* * * reboot

* * * Rm-rf/root/.vnc/*.log

* * * reboot

* * * * rm-rf/root/.vnc/*.log

* * * * reboot is at 0, 6, 12, 18 points per day to delete the log files under/root/.vnc/*.log, restart the VPS at 0:1, 6:1, 12:1, 18:1

Through this you can not let the log file that huge volume of pressure on your hard drive! At the same time, also avoids the Firefox long time to run suspended animation situation.

As long as your VPS not to hang on it!

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