"Discuz" Ucenter communication failed with Discuz's avatar cannot be displayed

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If it is the Discuz forum of some small-style pictures, only need to upgrade the Forum Discuz forum or, directly the entire site of the first domain name of the CSS, such as the The beginning of the whole thing changed to

And, in fact, Discuz's avatar can not be shown to remove the picture itself lost, and so on, there is a probable cause is discuz and ucenter communication failure. Causes Ucenter to be unable to manage discuz user information.

If your ucenter doesn't fit anywhere else,

First enter, through the founder's password into the backstage, my domain + project name

into application management, you can find discuz! Board is a communication failure, edit it.

At the same time open the Discuz directory under the conf/config_ucenter.php, check the Ucenter in the application of the main URL is not filled, in the application IP to fill the Discuz IP address at the same time. For example, the key check, the communication key in Ucenter, whether it matches the uc_key of conf/config_ucenter.php Line 15th, or not, will conf/config_ucenter.php 15th row uc_ Key is copied to the Ucenter User Admin Center to save the exit.

At the same time, back to the forum Http://, with the Super Administrator's account login, go directly to the background of the Management panel under the tool-Update cache, OK, exit, update the webpage, all normal.

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"Discuz" Ucenter communication failed with Discuz's avatar cannot be displayed

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