tsscan communication failed

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MySQL Master-slave configuration failed, master-slave communication failed

Exec_Master_Log_Pos:120 relay_log_space:1374until_condition: Noneuntil_log_file: until_log_pos: 0Master_SSL_Allowed:No Master_SSL_CA_File: Master_SSL_CA_Path: Master_SSL_Cert: Master_SSL_Cipher: Master_SSL_Key:Seconds_Behind_Master: Nullmaster_ssl_verify_server_cert: nolast_ io_errno:0 Last_IO_Error: last_sql_errno:1290 Last_SQL_Error:Error ' themysqlserverisrunningwiththe --skip-grant-tablesoptionsoitcannotexecutethisstatement ' onquery.defaultdatabase: ' .query: ' grantreplicationslave on*.*

"Discuz" Ucenter communication failed with Discuz's avatar cannot be displayed

If it is the Discuz forum of some small-style pictures, only need to upgrade the Forum Discuz forum or, directly the entire site of the first domain name of the CSS, such as the The beginning of the whole thing changed to, in fact, Discuz's avatar can not be shown to remove the picture itself lost, and so on, there is a probable cause is discuz and ucenter communication failure. Causes Ucenter to be unable to manag

The school's dr.com "authentication program cannot continue initializing, bonding communication Interface network address failed ..." solution

This morning login dr.com campus Network client when inexplicably unable to log in, also appeared "authentication program cannot continue to initialize, bonding communication Interface network address failed ..." Such an error. First of all, I have a mother of the solution, there is said with 360 Add the program trust, there is said reload dr.com client, there is said to the relevant person to call the pers

Windows Communication Port initialization failed

Failure to initialize a Windows communication port generally can be judged by the following scenarios. The situation is as follows: 1, after the computer boot, time will take about six minutes to enter the system, or longer. 2, after we turn on the computer, we double-click the 360 icon, the computer will prompt the Windows Communication port initialization failed

Phpcmsphpsso communication successful registration failed

Phpcmsphpsso communication successful registration failed phpcms phpsso communication successful registration failed $ Status = $ this-> client-> ps_member_login ($ username, $ password ); The returned value is 0. Phpsso of phpcms is very poor... Please help me. Reply to discussion (solution) When I comment out

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