Discuz x 1.5 cache update

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Introduction: This is a detailed page for discuz x 1.5 cache update. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code.

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Dzx retrieves data from the common_syscache table, stores the obtained data in the cache, and caches the data as needed.

I studied it again today and found that dzx has saved the cached data in the large global variable $ _ g.

Another example is about cache update of dzx.

Dzx uses the updatecache function of source \ function \ function_cache.php to update the cache. It introduces the corresponding files under source \ function \ cache according to the cache project to be updated specified in the function parameters, only one function whose name starts with build_cache _ is defined, and then call_user_func is used to call these functions.

Every build_cache _ *** function uses the save_syscache method to save the data in the common_syscache table.

"Discuz x 1.5 cache Update"

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