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Discuz is released by Comsenz! X2.5 new version and Discuz! The application center has been in use for four months. During this period, many websites have already taken the lead in installing "early adopters", and the official website is constantly collecting anti-distance News from Comsenz and releasing Discuz! X2.5 new version and Discuz! The application center has been in use for four months. During this period, many websites have already taken the lead in installing "early adopters", and the official team is constantly collecting feedback and suggestions from webmasters to solve dozens of disruptive bugs. Currently Discuz! X2.5 has entered a stable period, suitable for Discuz! X2 and earlier versions of the forum are upgraded and installed.

Figure: fixed common bugs, Discuz! X2.5 tends to be stable
To upgrade more websites to Discuz! X2.5, Xiaobian specially sorted out the existing Discuz! Experience of X2.5 Forum webmaster and Discuz! Upgrade Discuz in different versions! X2.5 graphic tutorial for your reference.

1. Discuz upgraded! X2.5 website webmaster feedback
Taihu pearl, blue Riverside, Rednet, Hefei Forum, Zhengzhou Forum, famous city community and other local websites valued Discuz! X2.5 new portal system, new technology system and content precipitation and mining transformation. According to the famous city community webmaster, Discuz! X2.5 innovations in the portal system and patch upgrade reduce the workload of editing and technology and are suitable for building local portals.
In comparison, vertical websites such as weave life, Xu Miao Forum, and soft Media Forum value Discuz more! X2.5 has advantages in social and mobile networking. Xu Ke, the webmaster of the Forum, revealed that after activating @, broadcast, Weibo, and other social functions, the forum traffic and PV increased significantly.
Discuz! Discuz, the most popular official webmaster! The six highlights of X2.5 have already been explained. for details, see http://zz.comsenz.com/2012/dzx25 /.
2. Upgrade Forum versions to Discuz! X2.5 graphic tutorial
First, the webmaster must prepare for the upgrade, for example, carefully reading the precautions before the upgrade (very important) download the latest program and shut down the site, back up the database, back up the site program and its attachments, upload the latest program to your site directory to overwrite the old program, set the file attributes of the relevant directory, etc, after the settings, you can start the installation ~
Step 2: upload the update. php file in the utilities directory to the install directory, and ensure that the SQL file in install/data is complete.

Step 2: run the http://www.domain.com/install/update.php in your browser to start upgrading (where the http://www.domain.com is the site access address) and click the "Prepare, upgrade start" link to upgrade.

3. start the upgrade. the upgrade process is automatic and requires no manual operation. the webmaster only needs to wait patiently.

4. delete the database structure. the webmaster can delete data tables and fields that are redundant compared with the standard database, or ignore unnecessary tables and fields.

5. after the upgrade is completed, click "Go directly to next" to confirm whether to restore the default style, as shown in:

If yes is selected, the default site style will be restored. The cache is automatically updated. after the cache is updated, the site is upgraded.

Discuz! You can refer to the above steps to upgrade the X2.5 version of the X series Forum. Specific to Discuz! Upgrade of Forum versions earlier than 7.2 requires further processing.

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