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12 Practical Free batch Image Volume optimization compression tool! Web Design Essentials (online Web + desktop tools download)

under Windows. It reduces the volume of the picture by adjusting a series of parameters to ensure that the image quality is minimized. The software uses a double preview window, you can adjust the compression rate and real-time to see the image compression quality. It supports Adobe Photoshop PSD files, Hdr/raw imports, and other supported formats including common formats such as jpg/gif/png.Write in the back:Anyone who has built a station or played an independent blog/personal site is sure to

10 of the best free online tools for website design and development

, including pictures, Css,javascript,rss,flash, and frames, load visual comparison functions for each object.9. Markup Validation ServiceThe Markup Validation Service is a free tool tag validator, in other words, it examines the syntax of the document, such as HTML format and so on. The validator will mark a syntax that does not conform to the definition.10, PIXLRPIXLR is a reliable image editor that offers free

Office 2003 SP2 Large Enterprise version download-free, free serial number, Support online update _ Common Tools

this ISO integrated SP2 upgrade package, including all components, free of activation, free serial number, Support online updates! Contains the following components:Microsoft Office Word 2003Microsoft Office Excel 2003Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003Microsoft Office Access 2003Microsoft Office Outlook 2003Microsoft Office OneNote

Some online free tools for testing website performance

No one can carefully ensure that their website code is correct. You can verify the website code through the following tests. Check whether your website is fully compatible with all major browsers? Do you know how many seconds it will take to open your website? Can you confidently say that your website cannot be opened at all? These have an impact on the access volume of your website to some extent (other reasons and solutions that affect the access volume ). A common

31 free online tools used to test the performance of your website

Are you sure your website is fully compatible with all major browsers? Do you know how many seconds it will take to open your website? Can you confidently say that your website cannot be opened at all? ...... Although it does not seem important, it also affects the access volume of your website to a certain extent. I have listed 31 of my favorite free online testing too

Professional Blender3D graphic design tools in Ubuntu

If you are looking for free and cool graphics design software for your UbuntuLinux operating system, you are right here! This time, we will introduce you to the extensive and free 3D graphic design software Blender. Blender is a free

Top 10 tools for a free online education

Top10 tools for a free online educationbyKevinPurdy, 9: 00 AM onSat Mar 28 2009,120,649 views (EditPost, SetTo draft, slurp)Copy this whole post to another siteSlurp cancelSelect site advertising consumerist Deadspin defamer fleshbot gay fleshbot Gawker Gizmodo idolator io9 jalopnik Jezebel Kotaku lifehacker Valleywag artists gawkershopIt'sEasy to forget these da

Adobe Creative Suite 3 design Premium free serial number free to activate streamlined version download _ Common Tools

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design premium software is a tool kit that designers are dreaming of in print, Web designing, and action publishing. It combines a new version of the basic tools that allow you to work in an integrated and intuitive environment with a wide range of creative works ranging from professional layout design to rich interactive experience. The CS

Webmaster Essential free Online test website performance index Tools Daquan

Here is a list of commonly used free online test tools that you can use to test your site and make changes to your site based on the results. 1. WDG HTML ValidatorA good tool to find out where the syntax of the site is wrong, and labeled, you can also choose to the site on a single page of each page analysis. ( Highly Recommended) 2. The Markup Validation Servi

10 Free online test Web performance tools

It is well known that waiting for a Web page to load is a very impatient thing for netizens. So, if your site can be quickly presented to users, in terms of usability, this is a critical success point. This article is designed to help build faster websites, get rid of the site's performance bottlenecks, and recommend the following performance testing tools for webmasters to assist web development, and more importantly, they are

Use 31 free online tools to test the performance of your website

Website code verification tool 1.Wdg html ValidatorA good tool that can locate and mark the website with incorrect syntax. You can also choose to analyze each page of the website on a single page. (Highly recommended) 2. W3C Markup Validation ServiceCode tests can be performed on both HTML and XHTML, claiming to be the first (and most used) HTML verification tool on the Internet. 3. W3C CSS Validation ServiceIt is used to verify the css source code and can mark out poor css code

28 free online format conversion tools

Note: This article is not original. ClickViewOriginal post There are more and more online tools for converting multiple file formats. We recommend the following: 1) quick and convenient way to convert online files. You do not need to register the file. The converted file is returned to your email. 2) Media-convert-this website includes

12 free online services and tools from Text to Speech Conversion

Do you know? What you say or write can be directly converted to audio MP3 and then downloaded. Is it great? Today I have collected some free network-based services, it allows you to convert text into voice text. On the Internet, people usually like to hearArticleInstead of reading text.In addition, listening can save time, while reading articles is boring.This is why many webmasters prefer to convert text into speech. Text2speech You only need

12 free online Web site performance testing tools

) Rapid Search Metrics It is used for SEO search engine optimization and speed testing and analysis. The data includes the average website speed, data volume, and non-HTML loading time.6) Host Tracker Over 95% of nodes from around the world can be used to simulate and test websites, including sending error reports to mobile phones, support for HEAD, POST, GET, and other methods, and CGI script operations.7) Pingdom Tools Displays the loading time o

Free app online testing tools and how to use them

Free app Vulnerability Security Detection tool: analysis is Love encryption launched free APP Vulnerability analysis platform, services include a key to the APK signature data information collection, internal configuration information collection, market channel related information collection, static analysis of vulnerability information display, dynamic analysis of vulner

Best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools-PHP Tutorial

The best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools. The best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools should have been designed as soon as you decide to build a website. What do you think we should do next? Test! I made the b

10 online build tools that are very useful in website design

–build 3D Gradient background images with stripes for site decoration and Vis UAL effects.PHP FormCreate HTML Form in Seconds. Choose a color to start.Related articles that may be of interest to you 2012 Top 20 CSS Web Works 25 excellent fluid and responsive layout web design 2012 Best Web front-end development tools and frameworks 25 foreign excellent e-commerce website

The best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools

The best 14 free responsive Web design testing tools Once you decide to build a website, you should have already set design standards. What do you think we should do next? Test! I use the word "test" to detect the response of your website to different screens and browser sizes. Testing is an important step in

21 Free UI design tools and resource sites, whether it's a web,js,android

online tool for user interface design and collaborative layout tools. Serena Prototype Composer official address: Serena Prototype Composer is the process of making flowcharts, simulating program processes and user interface design programs. CACOO Official A

Five online graphics tools to create simple design elements

Many websites can provide services for Graphic Element Generation, but it is not easy to obtain good tools.That's why I shared five online graphics tools. Logotype maker This is a simple and free web tool for marking. It helps you create a flag. Bgpatterns Bgpatterns press a few buttons to create a web ap

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