Diskgen Professional Edition change hard disk to GPT partition

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Note here that if your current hard drive already has data, and do not want to affect the data, please download Diskgenius Professional Edition, and run 64-bit Professional Edition. Because the Diskgenius in PE is a free version, it does not support the MBR to turn GPT or GPT to MBR in the case of lossless data. The experimental environment here is an empty hard drive, so a GPT partition is created directly. The following figure:

1, select the hard drive, select the "Hard Drive" column "Conversion partition table type is GUID format"

2.2, then the mouse clicks "Save Changes"

23., determine

2.4, point "yes"

2.5, and then create a new partition

2.6, the establishment of ESP partition-"point" OK

2.7, the new partition size, according to their own needs input you need hard disk capacity size. Generally 50G, virtual machine test, in the test, the choice of hard disk capacity is 60G, here on the input 40G capacity.

2.8. "Save Changes"-"yes"

2.9, then click on the ESP partition "Assign a new drive letter (letter)"

2.10, after assigning the letter, you can see the ESP partition capacity is empty, the assigned letter is F disk

3, copy download Win7 flagship version of Gho file in. If it is a virtual machine, you can turn off the virtual machine and use the mapping method to copy it from the current disk into the virtual machine. You can also copy it through a U disk. If is solid machine, through U disk Copy bar ...

4, with PE inside the Ghost tool to Gho cloned into C disk. The following figure:

Locate the virtual machine Windows 7 x64.vmx, Notepad to open it, modify to "firmware =" EFI ", Save and exit Notepad

5. Enter the command to refer the startup information to your ESP section. The following figure:

6, to this basic has been completed, if your environment is a VM virtual machine, you need to open the virtual machine with Notepad vmx file, in the final add firmware = "EFI" this line. Then reboot, wait for the system to install automatically until the final completion. If the entity machine Please enter the CMOS set to UEFI boot, and then wait for the system to automatically install one until completed.

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