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Diskgenius data recovery software for hard disk, partition confusion, partition loss, mistakenly clone Ghost partition coverage of the partition repair and the resulting data loss can be well repaired. Diskgenius Tools is a rare domestic comprehensive software, generally in the data repair is more commonly used, we also recommend the use of Diskgenius and easy to my partition doctor in the zoning repair. Want to study click to learn "Yi I partition Table doctor use tutorial."

Not much said the following began to use an example to explain how to use the Diskgenius, the hard disk appears the partition merge (the specific reason is various, does not subdivide the same solution), prompts the format, mistakenly deletes the partition, the virus causes the partition to lose and so on may take the following example to fix.

Symptom (s): 260G hard drive because of virus removal, startup is prompted for no system. The hard drive hangs on the other computer and finds all partitions are missing.

Analysis: First on another computer to hang the damaged hard disk, start the system to view the damaged hard drive status. In the beginning, the program, into the Computer Management click into the Disk Management view hard drive now, found that the damaged hard disk partition has become dynamic partitions and merged into a dynamic partition.

FIX: No matter what the state is, the first step is to use the Diskgenius mirror to back up the overall data (regardless of whether the hard drive can be repaired later, at least the data is still in).

Back up the good data we start the operation: Download Diskgenius data Recovery software after decompression double-click Run the main program, click the Search section, Diskgenius search partition speed is first-class, more than 200 trillion also less than 10 minutes. If it's not done for a long time, it's probably just a bad word.

Click on the Search section button, Diskgenius pop-up search mode range Settings window. The default settings on the line, click the "Start Search" button search.

Diskgenius found the partition will display a gray font, after the partition will be prompted to save the partition, whether it is to find the software prompts are not formatted or other reasons for the first save, after the completion of our analysis. Search complete found 6 partitions, where the first partition is normal, the last partition is a small partition of the hidden system one key recovery, and the remaining 4 are prompted unformatted for the NTFS format partition. This situation is relatively rare, after scanning the system prompts the situation as shown.

We click OK, Diskgenius will automatically load the partition, open My computer, including the restore partition, 6 partitions are reproduced. Turn on the first disk of normal recognition, the directory structure is normal, click the file can be turned on display normal. We save the file first, right click on all copies to save.

When the first partition is repaired and the other partitions begin to repair, you should be prompted to format it before we can confirm it by looking at the DBR information. As soon as the Diskgenius tool finds the disk partition information and automatically writes it back to the hard disk 0 sector, the hard disk partition information is returned. Click on the hard drive on the menu-Save the partition table, the hard drive is an XP system, only MBR format, determined by default.

Again, you are prompted to save the data and click OK. Diskgenius Auto Load partition complete, open My computer, the partitions are all repaired back. Open each partition view is normal, click on the directory and file intact, into Disk Management to view the failed hard drive status, all partitions are normal, partitions and data repair completed. In fact, most of the disk partition failure after Diskgenius repair partition table information, the disk can continue to use, the data can be saved.

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