Distinguished by diligence

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Distinguished by diligence


People who are from mean and poor families can become a new generation of nobles through their diligent work, persistent pursuit and wisdom. ---- Topic


Opportunities are equal to time, and they are equal to everyone. Why can some people seize the opportunity to win, while many people pass by the opportunity and have to fight for failure?


Hard work! Opportunities are only for hard-working people! We should believe in a rule of success: wealth is an unexpected thing and a by-product of hard work. The realization of each goal comes from diligent thinking and actions, and the same is true for realizing the dream of wealth.


The phrase "diligence out of nobility" is an ancient saying. Whether in the past or in the present, whether in the West or in the east, those who enjoy status, dignity, glory and wealth have a heart that never stops, they all have a pair of strong arms. They all highlight the honorable spirit of diligence, entrepreneurship, and the spirit of daring to be the first in the world. They all shine with extraordinary perseverance and tenacious will. It is such a quality that allows them to gain wealth, make them a career, win respect, and become a person of the indomitable spirit.


In this ever-changing world, there is no eternal nobility, nor a permanent poor. Just as everything is in the eternal movement and change, the humble and humble person is the same. the ups and downs of this kind of ups and downs are like the sea of land and the sky. People who are from mean and poor families can become a new generation of nobles through their diligent work, persistent pursuit and wisdom.
Some people once asked the secrets of success. Li Ka-shing told a story: the Japanese "God of sales" was originally at a 69-year-old speech. When someone asked him the secrets of sales promotion, when he took off his shoes and so, he invited the questioner to the stage and said, "Please touch my footboard. "The questioner touched the question and said with great surprise:" You have a cool foot! "Yiping said:" because I have more roads than others, I have to work harder than others. "The questioner pondered and suddenly woke up. After Li Ka-shing told the story, he smiled and said, "I am not qualified to let you touch my feet, but I can tell you that my feet are thick. "Li Ka-shing tells us that any successful acquisition in life begins with diligence and diligence. Diligence is the foundation and secret of success. Without diligence, any success is at your fingertips.


One of the human nature is to enjoy and avoid suffering, and the inertia is often entangled like shadows, trying to get rid of the human soul. But as Goethe said: "Our nature tends to be idle. But as long as our hearts move toward activity and often inspire it, we can feel the true joy in this activity. "


Einstein, a great scientist, said: "In between genius and hard work, I did not hesitate to choose hard work. Hard work is almost the success of all achievements in the world. "


A young man who loves to talk nonsense but does not study hard all day is entangled in the secrets of the success of the big scientist Einstein. When Einstein was entangled, he wrote a formula for him: A = x + y + Z. Then he told him: "A represents success, X represents diligence, Y represents the correct method, and Z represents less nonsense. "This formula contains truth. It indicates that a person who wants to succeed requires not only authentic methods for learning, but also less nonsense and diligence.


"Inertia" is the most terrible enemy in life. Many things that can be done have missed the chance of success due to inertia and delay. "Inertia" is a tempting monster, and people will meet it at any time throughout their life. For example, if you don't want to get up in bed in the morning, you don't want to do anything after you get up. If you want to do something tomorrow, you don't want to do it today. If you want to do something that you don't know, you can do it yourself, you don't want to do things you don't want to do ......


Only such honor and glory can last forever. Unfortunately, in today's society, many rich people lack an enterprising spirit and lie in the material wealth that their parents have created for them, as a result, although many people grow up in a rich environment, they will inevitably die in poverty.


Therefore, if you want to improve yourself, achieve yourself, enjoy the joy of success, win the respect of society, and sing the song of life, you can only create with your own hands. We need to know that the glory of the Crown will only wear on those brave explorers. Diligence is for ourselves, not for others. We are the biggest beneficiaries of diligence.

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