Distributed System Design Series--Summary

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In today's "Big Data", "cloud Platform" context, these cutting-edge technologies, derived from a very multi-platform technology, Nosql, Hadoop, Storm and other emerging. Technical backwardness, these gorgeous is inseparable, in fact everywhere "decentralized" although this did a long time, but big data, cloud computing technology and fire. Joke says. If you do not understand some of the "distributed" under the technology and principles, will be a little embarrassed to say that they are back-end development-(joke only!! ^_^).

        I am engaged in the design of distributed systems, development also has a period of time, in the design of a very many systems, architecture, the inertia will consider a number of high-availability fault tolerance, load balancing, cluster expansion of the content. Now is the time to sum up the precipitation, share and discuss with you.

There are many technical points in the distributed system, such as HA, high availability fault tolerance, high concurrency, high expansion, etc. I will be divided into a series of technical points to explain, assuming that perhaps the reader is interested to know a lot of other, more in-depth details to discuss the message, welcome to "shoot bricks."

This series will cover such things as the following:

        * Principle of Distributed System
        * The similarities and differences between distributed systems and single nodes
        * Exception handling in Distributed systems
        * Principles of Distributed system references

* Distributed protocols implemented by project

1. Distributed System Design-basic principle and high-availability strategy:


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Distributed System Design Series--Summary

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