Diversification of storage virtualization options

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Punch capacity Limit Find HDS

With the growth of the business and the increase of data, the capacity of storage equipment is increasing. Now it seems that breaking the PB-level storage capacity is not difficult. But from current trends, storage capacity is growing faster than performance, which is not necessarily a good thing for users. HDS's fifth generation storage System----Tagmastore Universal storage platform, while increasing storage capacity, also focuses on improving performance and cache management, ensuring quality of service in an environment that is both highly consolidated and reasonably partitioned.

The HDS Tagmastore Universal Storage Platform employs virtualization technology, with built-in virtual tiers, to manage up to 32PB of internal and external storage capacity, and to support logical partitioning within and outside storage, as well as remote replication between complex, arbitrary storage locations.

Tagmastore is a virtualized product based on storage devices. In the past, a storage device in the expansion, the general is to increase the number of disks or through several cabinet cascade to achieve. Tagmastore In addition to the cabinet can be cascaded to achieve capacity expansion, but also through the plug-in different types of storage devices to expand storage capacity. These plug-in storage devices can be either a product of the HDS company's other series or a storage device for other vendors that have been tested for interoperability. Tagmastore has completed interoperability testing with IBM Totalstorage Enterprise Storage server products and can support IBM Totalstorage 750, 800, and 800, according to Miao, Asia product marketing manager at HDS Company. Turbo Enterprise Storage server. By using this form, Tagmastore can be connected with more storage devices of different vendors, enabling users to realize the integration of storage and application in heterogeneous environment, thus reducing the complexity of storage management. On the other hand, through the plug-in, Tagmastore can also support the use of SATA disk in the low-end disk array products, so that in a set of systems to achieve tiered storage, to reduce storage costs. For the user, convenient capacity expansion, simplified heterogeneous environment management and flexible tiered storage are the most attractive places for Tagmastore.

Tagmastore is positioned in the high-end storage market with an internal maximum original capacity of 332TB, which supports 1152 146GB or 300GB disk drives. For the convenience of users, Tagmastore offers a total of three models of entry level (USP 100), Enhanced (USP 600), and High-performance (USP 1100). These three models use the same technology, have the same functionality, and can be upgraded seamlessly.

Tagmastore employs a new HDS Universal Star Network Fiber-optic switching architecture that delivers 68GB of cache bandwidth per second and 256 concurrent storage operations, bringing performance up to a new level.

In conjunction with the Tagmastore hardware platform, HDS also introduces a storage management software that mainly implements storage virtualization, internal and external resource logical partitioning, and data replication to optimize system performance, centralize management, and deployment. Data show that Tagmastore and related software can simplify the management of heterogeneous storage systems, reducing the overall cost of ownership of the enterprise by 40%.

There are three types of software launched with Tagmastore: Universal volume management software (Hitachi Universal Volume Manager) can replicate and migrate data across heterogeneous storage systems by providing a single management platform for all storage systems, At the same time, it can effectively integrate and utilize the existing storage system, the virtual partition management software (Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager Software) has implemented the logical partitioning technology of Hitachi Server on storage System for the first time, and can physically store resources inside and outside, including ports, High-speed buffer storage and disk allocation to a dedicated, independently managed virtual storage system with up to 32 virtual storage systems to achieve decentralized management, ensuring efficient use of storage across the platform, including external storage systems; Universal replication software (Hitachi Universal Many of the features of Replicator are industry-initiated, including heterogeneous data replication, disk-based logging, preventing connection failures, "pull" replication, and supporting multiple data centers to ensure business continuity.

Tagmastore will coexist with HDS's existing Lightning 9900V series. Users can choose the storage system that best suits them according to the actual needs.

The pursuit of High-performance pick HP

HP has a product in the context of host-based virtualization, storage based virtualization, and virtualization based on the network layer. Among them, storage-system based virtualization products----HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual array Eva is the most familiar to users. Currently, Eva series has Eva 3000 and Eva 5000 available to choose from.

Although virtualization is no longer a difficult task at multiple levels, the application of storage-system virtualization in practical applications is more common and mature.

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