DIY the hard drive of the old notebook into a mobile hard drive

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If the user changes his notebook and does not know how to deal with the old hard disk, the author will teach you how to use the hard disk of the notebook to DIY a mobile hard disk.

1. Hard Disk check

When installing the new hard disk, you can use HD Tune to perform a physical examination on the hard disk. Obtain a 2.5-inch hard drive for a notebook that can run properly. Check whether the hard drive interface is a SATA serial port or an IDE parallel port. Most of the hard disks in the notebook are SATA serial ports, and a few are IDE ports. But confirm the insurance.



2. Select a hard disk box for fit

A mobile hard disk is actually a normal laptop hard disk, but a USB data cable is added, which can be directly connected to the computer's USB connector. This step is what we do with DIY mobile hard drives. There is such a professional device on the market that converts hard disk interfaces-Hard Disk boxes. The appearance of the hard disk box is similar to that of the hard disk, but the belly is empty. Select the correct hard disk box and install the old hard disk in the abdomen. In this way. The old hard disk can be converted into a mobile hard disk with a USB interface through the hard disk box.


There is also a kind of device called "easy drive" on the market. It is just a separate conversion port, which simply converts the interface of the original hard disk into a USB data cable connection, and does not provide the shell protection of the hard disk box and the additional controller chip for circuit protection. Since the hard disk is a relatively fragile storage appliance, we recommend using a hard disk box.

Usage of DIY mobile hard drive

1. Shaking is strictly prohibited during use, and storage on weekdays must also be stable.

2. the hard disk box should be selected as the best metal material for heat dissipation.

3. a 2.5-inch hard drive with a working voltage of 5 V. Hard Disk boxes are usually powered by USB ports of the laptop. However, if a USB port is used for power supply and data transmission at the same time, the load is high. It is best to choose a hard disk box with a separate power supply line, or a Y-type USB interface. The Y-type USB interface is more convenient. One USB port is used online, and the other is used for data transmission. However, if there are few USB interfaces in your laptop, you should plan ahead.


4. A desktop hard disk can also be used as a mobile hard disk. The desktop uses a 3.5-inch hard drive, and the interface is similar to SATA and IDE. However, the operating voltage of the desktop hard disk is 12 V, and an external power supply is required. In terms of convenience, it is more suitable for DIY mobile hard disks of laptops.

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