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Replace text with image
Copy the image to the clipboard, open the replace dialog box, enter the text to be replaced in the "search content" box, and then enter "^ C" in the "Replace with" box (note: the input must be a half-width character, and C must be in lowercase.) Click replace. Note: "^ C" means to instruct Word XP to replace the content in the "search content" box with the content in the clipboard. Based on this principle, "^ C" can also replace any visible content including carriage returns that can be copied to the clipboard, or even an Excel table.

3. Remove the line in the header.
1. In the header, set "NONE" for the table and border in "format"-"border and shading" and apply it to "paragraph"
2. Same as above. It only sets the border color to white (in fact, it is not deleted, but it does not look like it is gone, haha)
3. Change "Header" to "body" in the "style" column.-strongly recommended!
There will be more -- (two horizontal bars) This is what the user does not want to see, and another step is required to delete --
Solution: Add a space before the quotation marks to solve the problem.

Shortcut for inserting Date and Time
Alt + Shift + D: current date
Alt + Shift + T: Current Time

Bulk conversion of full-width characters to half-width characters
Select All. Then, select "format"> "Change case sensitivity". In the dialog box, select "half width". OK.

Introduction to word startup parameters
Click the "Start> Run" command, and enter the path and parameters of the word to run the command, for example, "C:/program files/Microsoft Office/office 10/winword. EXE/N ", these common parameters and functions are as follows:
/N: no new file is created after the word is started.
/A: Disable Automatic startup of plug-ins and general templates.
/M: The macro that disables automatic execution.
/W: Start a new word process, which is independent of the running word process.
/C: Start word and call netmeeting.
/Q: the startup screen is not displayed.
In addition, for commonly used parameters, you can right-click the word shortcut icon and add the parameter after the path of the "target" item.

Quickly open the Last edited document
If you want word to automatically open the document you edited last time when it is started, you can use a simple macro command to complete it:
(1) Select the "macro" menu item in the "Tools" menu and click the "Recording new macro" command to open the "Recording macro" dialog box;
(2) In the "Recording macro" dialog box, enter "autoexec" in the "macro name" input box and click "OK ";
(3) Select "file" from the menu, click the first file name displayed in the recently opened file list, and "stop recording ". Save and exit. When you start word again next time, it will automatically load the last document of your work.

Usage of format brush
1. Set the format of text 1.
2. Place the cursor at text 1.
3. Click the format brush button.
4. If other text (Text 2) is selected, text 2 is in the same format as text 1.
If you click double-click in step 1, the format brush can be used infinitely until you click the format brush again (or press the ESC key.

Delete the linefeed for online data downloads (like this "token ")
Enter the halfwidth ^ L in the search box (the lowercase L is not the number 1 in English). If no content is entered in the Replace box, click replace all to delete a large number of line breaks.

You can choose to delete recently used file shortcuts under the File menu.
Tools → options → you can delete all the items that can be deleted by changing the number of recently used files to 0. to delete them selectively, press CTRL + ALT +, after the cursor changes to a rough minus sign, click the file, and then click the shortcut you want to delete.

Create a rectangle selection:
The left mouse button can be used to create a selection area, or shift can be used with function keys such as pgup, pgdn, home, end, and arrow. When copying a regular rectangular area, you can hold down the Alt key first, click the left mouse button to select. I usually use this method to delete unnecessary block spaces at the beginning of a segment. Please try * ^_^ *

To quickly change the font to the upper or lower mark:
I accidentally discovered this method. I chose the words you want to subscribe to, and then press CTRL in the English state, and then press the +/= Key next to baskspace. As long as you press Ctrl and shift, you can try it.

Split Word tables into two
Position the cursor in a separate table and press Ctrl + Shift + enter. At this time, you will find that an empty row is automatically inserted in the middle of the table, thus achieving the goal of dividing a table into two.

Split words with word
Click "tool/custom/command/break down image", hold down the left mouse button and drag it to any position on the toolbar, and then click "insert/picture/art word ", for example, enter the hollow word "heart", select the "heart" to cut, select an image (Windows Metafile) in the selective paste, select the word, and click the "break down image" button in the toolbar, in this way, you can select any stroke in the "heart" to split it.

Quickly delete any number of spaces after a segment
Select the paragraphs, click the center button, and then click the original alignment button. (if the original section is centered, click other alignment Buttons First, click the center button.) are all the spaces missing?

When you open Word to create a new blank document, it appears not an empty document, but a document that I used to create
First, set resource manager to display all files and folders;
C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Application Data/Microsoft/templatesfolder to delete all normal.doc files;
Then: OK (XP system)

Quick square Input Method
Enter 2 first, then select again, and press Ctrl + Shift + +.

Selective table input in Word
1. Set the table, select table-View-tool-form-insert drop-down form field
2. input data, complete
3. Click the lock button to protect the lock. after entering the lock, click another key.

Use Ctrl +.
Shift + space for full/half conversion of numbers and letters

Easy to understand the functions of toolbar buttons
Press the "Shift + F1" key, and there is a "?" next to the mouse pointer. Id. Which button do you want to know?
You can click which one.

Always insert company information into documents
Company Name
Company address
Contact number
Contact Name
QQ number
You can select the content first, and then click tools → automatic correction → enter a tag name (such as "company information") in the replacement box → add → OK, in the future, if you want to use this information in the document, enter the words "company information" (do not quote the quotation marks) and replace it:
Company Name
Company address
Contact number
Contact Name
QQ number
Note: Some input methods do not support this function. After you type the tag name, press a space.

Quick Page change method
Double-click the lower right corner of a page, and the cursor will be positioned there. Press enter until the page is changed. Press Ctrl + press enter to insert a new button, separator, select the paging character, and then confirm it !!!

Adjust the table width
When you move the cursor over the right border of the table, you can adjust the size of the table.
Adjust the table size based on the table content

Replace Kingsoft
Click tool-language-translation. Enter the words to be searched in the search box on the right and press enter to translate the words. You can switch from English to Chinese or English.
Installation may be required for the first use.

[Alt] keys to precisely locate the ruler
If you often use a horizontal ruler to precisely locate tags, page borders, first-word indentation, and page objects, When you click the ruler to set a page border or tag, you can only set it to 1 or 2 characters, but not 1.5 characters! To set a more precise measurement unit (for example, a few percent characters), while holding down the [alt] key, click and move the ruler or border, the ruler uses a number to precisely display the current position as a few percent.

Use NotePad to remove the format
What is copied on a webpage is often made of a grid. If it is directly pasted in a word, It will be messy. Paste it to notepad first, and then paste it to word to remove the grid and other formats. Then select clear format for all, and then cancel center to cancel all formats. You can directly perform the following operations in word: (menu) Editing/selective pasting ...... /Unformatted text/OK. This saves a lot of trouble.

Quickly convert a document to an image
Save the document to be converted and exit. For example, save it on the desktop.
Create a new file and cast the document you want to convert (Click left and hold it down) on the page.

Restore the default office settings
For example, you may accidentally mess up the word settings (such as deleting the menu bar ).
Search for normal. Dot and delete it directly.
The default value is restored when word is started next time.

Let word paste only the text on the webpage and automatically remove the image and Layout
Method 1: select the desired webpage content and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Open the word and select Edit> paste ", in the displayed dialog box, select "unformatted text ".
Method 2: select the required webpage content and press Ctrl + C to copy it. Open notepad and other plain text editing tools, press Ctrl + V to paste the content to these text editors, and then copy and paste the content to word.

CTRL + ALT + f you can enter a footer
This should be helpful for friends who often write papers.

Converts an Arabic number to a Chinese number or serial number.
1. Enter an Arabic number (such as 1234), select all, and click "insert/number type (1, 2 ......) /OK ", that is, to change to an upper-case number (for example, the number of accounts), accounting friends are very suitable.
2. Others such as one thousand two hundred and thirty-four, a, B ......, Child, ugly ......, For the conversion of Roman numerals, refer to the above method.

Common shortcut keys in Word
"Font" dialog box Ctrl + d
Select the font box Ctrl + Shift + F in the box Toolbar
Bold Ctrl + B
Tilt Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + u
"Superscript" effect Ctrl + Shift + =
"Subscript" effect Ctrl + =
"Close" command Ctrl + W
Word shortcut list
Serial number shortcut key Ctrl + meaning
1 ............ Z ............ Undo
2 ............ A ............ Select All
3 ............ X ............ Cut
4 ............ C ............ Copy
5 ............ V ............ Paste
6 ............ S ............ Save
7 ............ B ............ Bold
8 ............ Q ............ Left aligned
9 ............ E ............ Data in progress
10 ............ R ............ Right alignment
11 ......] ...... Zoom in
22 ............ [............ Zoom out
12 ............ N ............ Create document
13 ............ I ............ Font skew
14 ............ W ............ Exit
15 ............ P ............ Print
16 ............ U ............ Underline
17 ............ O ............ Open
18 ............ K ............ Insert a super connection
19 ............ F ............ Search
20 ............ H ............ Replace
21 ............ G ............ Positioning
23... CTRL + ALT + L ...... Number with parentheses
24... CTRL + ALT + .________...
25... Alt + number ......... Location Code Input
26... CTRL + ALT + DEL ......... Shutdown
27... CTRL + ALT + Shift + ?...... Bytes ¿
28... CTRL + ALT + Shift + !...... Bytes ¡
29... Alt + Ctrl + e ...............?
30... Alt + Ctrl + r ...............
31... Alt + Ctrl + T ...............
32... Alt + Ctrl + ctrl ............
33 ...... CTRL + D ............... Format font
34 ...... CTRL + Shift + = ......... Superscript
35 ...... CTRL + = .................. Subscript
36 ...... CTRL + Shift +> ...... Font Extension
37 ...... CTRL + Shift + <...... Shrink font
38 ...... Alt + Ctrl + I ......... Print preview
39 ...... Alt + Ctrl + O ......... Big gang Diagram
40 ...... Alt + Ctrl + P ......... Common Graph
41 ...... Alt + Ctrl + M ......... Insert Annotation
42 ...... Alt + letters on the menu ......... Open this menu

Stepless fine-tuning
Open the "Drawing" toolbar-click the drop-down menu-drawing grid...-adjust the horizontal and vertical spacing to a minimum of 0.01-OK, so that you can perform stepless fine-tuning.

Set work to open online, but cannot modify 'readonly'. How can this problem be solved?
Folder sharing is read-only

Enter three equal signs in word and press Enter... It's a dual horizontal line...
You can also use the same method to create a single horizontal line !~~~~~ ,
### It is the middle, thick, up, and down lines, and *** it is the dot line ,~~~ Is a wavy line, --- is a single line

How to input the tone of a pinyin letter?
Use smart ABC, type V9, and select it by yourself!

Page number settings
1. Open the page header/footer view, click the insert page number button, and insert the page number (all the pages are numbered consecutively). 2. Switch to the page view, insert a continuous delimiter (insert -- Separator -- delimiter -- continuous) on the page that needs to be counted. 3. Switch to the header/footer view again, and click set page number format, set page number arrangement-start page number to 1

Copy the table in Excel as an image to word.
In addition to the image capture software and Full Screen Copy method, it is simpler.
Select a region and press shift to click "edit". "copy image" and "paste image" will appear. After copying, select "paste image" in word to process an Excel table just like an image!

CTRL + the mouse pulley (the wheel in the middle of the left and right keys) can quickly adjust the display ratio (100% ). Slide upwards and expand downward.

Quickly adjust the horizontal line length of the header
After the word inserts a header, a long horizontal line is automatically added to this position. If you want to adjust the length and horizontal position of the line, you can first activate the header, select the paragraph command under the format, adjust the character values of the left and right indentation, and then confirm that the final result is displayed!

Quick Image Browsing
In word2003, if too many images are inserted, the speed of opening and rolling will be affected. In fact, we can change the browsing speed by changing the image display mode.
Tool -- option -- View -- image box
In this way, the image box is displayed first. When you need to check the box, you can stop and display it!

How to enter scores in Word
1. open Word, click "insert" in the tool menu bar, and click "Domain" in the drop-down menu ".
2. In the Category column of the check box that is opened, select the equation formula and the "EQ" in the domain name ". Click "options", select "F (,)" in the displayed menu options, click "add to domain", and click "OK ".
3. Enter a number in F (,). To enter 23, enter F (,) in F (,) to get 2/3.

How to make the Word document have no header or footer on the first page
A: page settings-the header and footer are different from those on the homepage. Then, select the small arrow in the homepage header, format-border and shading, and select none, this is only required in the "View"-"header and footer", where the page settings do not need the entire document, you can see a "Same as before" sign, not selected, the preceding and following settings are different.

Double-click mouse in Word
Double-click on different locations in the Word program window to quickly implement some common functions, which are summarized as follows:
Double-click the title bar or the blank area at the bottom of the vertical scroll bar to switch between the window maximization and the original status;
Double-click the Word document marker at the leftmost part of the title bar and exit the word directly (if it is not saved, a dialog box Indicating "save" is displayed );
Move the cursor to the top of the vertical scroll bar and double-click the two-way drag arrow to split the document window into two;
Double-click the two-way drag arrow at the dividing line of the two windows to cancel the window split;
Double-click "revision" on the status bar to enable the "revision" function and open the "Review" toolbar. Double-click again to disable this function, but the "Review" Toolbar will not be closed;
Double-click "Rewrite" on the status bar to convert it to the "Rewrite" form (double-click again and insert );
If a header (footer) is added to a document, move the cursor to the header (footer) and double-click it. Then, activate the header (footer) and edit it. Double-click it in a blank document, the "point-to-point" function is enabled;
Double-click the blank area at the front end of the ruler to start the "page settings" dialog box.

In word editing, you must adjust the word break size to meet the editing requirements.
Select the text to be modified, and press Ctrl +] or Ctrl + [to change the font size!
This method can slightly change the font size ~

Text Box line
1. after creating the document, run the "View> header and footer" command to bring up the "header and footer" toolbar and click "show> hide document text, hide the text content of the body.
2. Select the "text box" command in the "insert" menu and insert an empty text box under the header.
3. add the text, graphics, and other content as the watermark in the text box, right-click the image, select the "set image format" command in the shortcut menu, and under the "image" tab in the dialog box, use Image control to change the color, contrast, and brightness of the image, and manually adjust the image size.
4. Use the "set text box format" command to change the line color of the text box to wireless.
5. Click the close button in the "header and footer" toolbar to exit the "header and footer" edit.

Add a watermark to each page
1. after creating the document, run the "View> header and footer" command to bring up the "header and footer" toolbar and click "show> hide document text, hide the text content of the body.
2. Select the "text box" command in the "insert" menu and insert an empty text box under the header.
3. add the text, graphics, and other content as the watermark in the text box, right-click the image, select the "set image format" command in the shortcut menu, and under the "image" tab in the dialog box, use Image control to change the color, contrast, and brightness of the image, and manually adjust the image size.
4. Use the "set text box format" command to change the line color of the text box to wireless.
5. Click the close button in the "header and footer" toolbar to exit the "header and footer" edit.
6. After completing the above steps, the watermark can be created, so that the same watermark is added for each page.

Split word pages into two
Position the cursor at the position you want to separate and press Ctrl + Shift + enter.

Make the font in word clearer
In Word documents, the font "" is very light. You can use the following methods to make the font clearer:
Right-click the desktop, click "properties", click "appearance", click "effect", select "Use the following method to smooth the edge of the screen font", select "clear", and then click "OK.


Word double-sided printing skills
Printing materials may be indispensable when we use computers. Word is one of the most commonly used office software. Sometimes we use word to print many pages of documents, out of the format requirements or to save paper, will be printed on both sides.

The common operation method is to select "Print odd page" or "print even page" in the "print" drop-down list box at the bottom of the "print" dialog box to implement dual-sided printing. We set to print the odd page first. After the odd page is printed, re-place the printed paper to the printer. Select "print even page" for this setting and click "OK. In this way, dual-sided printing can be achieved through two print commands.

We can also use another more flexible dual-sided printing method: Open the "print" dialog box, select "manual dual-sided printing ", after confirmation, a "please take out the printed side of the paper from the outputer and put it back to the pupper. Then press" OK, continue to print the dialog box and start printing the odd page. After hitting it, re-place the previously printed paper to the printer, and press the "OK" button in the dialog box, the word will automatically print even pages, so that only one printing command can be used.

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