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The Chinese Django community recommends that you learn django with amazing efficiency and elegance, but there are very few learning materials in the process, python and Django are not very popular in China and are much less energetic, but they are indeed beautiful. In the past two days, I have met the Chinese django community. Although I was just founded, I think this is a new start. I hope django fans can give her some warmth, let her become more and more mature by our side. The ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Django Project is a python [1] The Custom framework originated from an online news Web site. It was released in the form of open source in 2005. Core Components of the Django framework include:
  • Object relationship ing used to create models 2. Perfect management interface designed for end users 3. First-class URL design 4. Designer-friendly template language 5. cache system.
The Chinese Django community has always been in no-man's place. To become an active community like ruby on rails, we still need to work together. I hope everyone can work together to make Django develop more rapidly in China, better!

The Community is yours, and Django is yours!

Hope to get support from Django fans.

Django Chinese community:

The main purpose of Django is to develop a database-driven website easily and quickly. It emphasizes code reuse. Multiple components can easily serve the entire framework in the form of plug-ins. Django has many powerful third-party plug-ins, you can even develop your own toolkit easily. This makes Django highly scalable. It also emphasizes the fast development and DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) principles. Django's MVC-based design is very elegant: the object-relational ing (ORM, object-relational mapping) defines your data model in the form of Python classes. The ORM connects the model with the relational database, you will get a very easy-to-use database API, and you can also use the original SQL statement in Django. URL allocation uses regular expressions to match URLs. You can design any URL without the framework restrictions. As flexible as you like. The template system uses Django's powerful and scalable template language to separate design, content, and Python code. And can be inherited. Form Processing allows you to easily generate various form models to test the effectiveness of forms. You can easily generate corresponding forms from your defined model instance. The Cache system can be attached to the memory buffer or other frameworks to achieve super buffering-to achieve the granularity you need. Session, user logon and permission check to quickly develop the user session function. The built-in international system facilitates the development of websites in multiple languages. The automated management interface does not require you to spend a lot of work to create personnel management and update content. Django comes with an ADMIN site, similar to the content management system.

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