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No line by the function is actually we have a line with a function, I use the Tplink method and DLink settings, I would like to introduce you to set up a wireless router, to obtain a stable wireless signal method introduction.

There are a number of factors that affect the stability of the wireless signal and the speed of the connection, as described in the following points:

(1) Reduce frequency band interference:

We pick a band when we find a wireless network, in theory, too much Wi-Fi in the same band can seriously affect the strength of the signal, which means that if your home uses the same wireless signal band as other wireless signals, then some two wireless networks will be affected. Therefore, it is a good idea to change a signal transmitting band by wireless router when the network is unstable. The following wireless router chooses "Automatic Scan channel"

Multiple APs and multiple wireless routers do not interfere with each other as long as the SSID name and frequency band are different, and naturally do not affect your data transmission. There are too many wireless networks in the same band that can interfere.

(2) Reject DHCP packets:

The DHCP service can help us to automatically assign IP addresses to computers in the network, but in practice DHCP can cause network instability, such as when the lease is reached again and the IP address is already in use by other computers on the network, or DHCP information is frequently negotiated between the computer and the wireless router.

For average home users, the number of computers in the network is not large enough to reduce DHCP packets by manually setting network parameters such as IP addresses. As shown in the following illustration:

(3) spin down to improve stability:

Example: I have a wireless network with my neighbors, he is D-link wireless router, my side is D-link wireless AP, the recent frequent disconnection, the speed of the connection is very slow. After inspection found that do not know when more than a Linksys equipment occupied channel 6, as long as he turned on the impact of the quality of the connection, the original ping lost packet rate from 1% Hu Shen to 50%. Then the transmitter signal frequency band adjusted to Channel 1, who knows that two channel 1 equipment in the vicinity, and then to channel 11 unexpectedly has 5 wireless. How to solve it?

Visible now the wireless network is very popular, because the same band of wireless network will interfere with each other so 13 bands are not enough for everyone to use, how to solve this problem? The General wireless router will have wireless network mode setting function, completely can the wireless equipment working mode from 802.11g to 802.11b. Although the speed is reduced, but it brings stability benefits, so to a certain extent reduce the speed of transmission can make our wireless network more stable.

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