Dm365 + ec122 debugging (2)

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Hardware Platform: ritai dm365 Development Board

Development Board kernel: Linux 2.6.18

Dvsdk version: 2_10_00_17


Question 2:

Cannot open/dev/ttyusb0: device or resource busy

Cannot open/dev/ttyusb1: device or resource busy

Cannot open/dev/ttyusb2: device or resource busy


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Following the previous article dm365 + ec122 debugging (1), this article continues to debug ec122 on the dm365 board. Now the Development Board is loaded with the file system on nandflash.

Step 1: Run usb_modeswitch-W

Target device description data
Manufacturer: Huawei Technologies
Product: Huawei mobile
Serial No .:
Found correct target Device

Mode switch succeeded. Bye.

Oh, shit! The above information has not caused OOM killer. So reboot again, usb_modeswitch-W, still does not cause OOM killer. Great. It seems that the 3G module can be adjusted immediately. In the/dev/TTS/directory, four nodes, USB 0, usb1, usb2, and usb3, are added.

Well, try wvdial. So run wvdialconf/etc/wvdial. conf. The new problem is "problem 2 ". Oh, my God. Don't torture me like this, okay? I really want to write my paper!

After persistently searching for solutions on the Internet, we finally see the title 《[Solved] HSDPA Huawei e220 and wvdial: device or resource busy. At this point, I am delighted to see the [solved! Reference the key content:

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Hey, I just recently went through this and it nearly drove me nuts, had the 'device busy' problem even for root. after expiration, Expiration days and several aneurysms I finally found my problem, maybe this will help you too.

It turned out that wvdial tries to create a lock file for the USB device in '/var/lock ', but for some reason when I looked in '/var' I had no 'lock' directory. I checked my other arch machine and it has A'/var/lock' directory, so I'm not sure where this
One disappeared.

Soon as I created '/var/lock' wvdial worked perfectly. Hope this helps you out.


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Https:// Id = 74163

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Hurry up and check your file system. Oh, we did not find '/var/lock'. Create it decisively. In addition, the four symbolic links of ttyusb0 ttyusb1 ttyusb2 ttyusb3 are manually created under the/dev directory, respectively for usb0 usb1 usb2 usb3 under the/dev/TTS/directory. Run wvdialconf/etc/wvdial. conf again and find ttyusb0 correctly. Then run wvdial.
, Everything is OK, dial successful!


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--> Wvdial: Internet dialer version 1.61
--> Warning: Section [dialer [08] conf] does not exist in wvdial. conf.
--> Warning: Section [dialer/etc/wvdial. conf] does not exist in wvdial. conf.
--> Cannot get information for serial port.
--> Initializing MODEM.
--> Sending: atz
--> Sending: atq0 V1 E1 S0 = 0 & C1 & D2 + fclass = 0
Atq0 V1 E1 S0 = 0 & C1 & D2 + fclass = 0
--> Modem initialized.
--> Sending: atdt #777
--> Waiting for carrier.
Atdt #1, 777
Connect 3100000
--> Carrier detected. Starting PPP immediately.
--> Starting pppd at THU Jan 1 00:17:15 1970
--> PID of pppd: 833
--> Using interface ppp0
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Local IP address
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Remote IP address
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Primary DNS address
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Secondary DNS address
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
Caught Signal 2: attempting to exit gracefully...
--> Terminating on signal 15
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Connect time 0.5 minutes.
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Pppd: [08] X [03]
--> Disconnecting at THU Jan 1 00:17:45 1970

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The painful debugging process finally had some satisfactory results.

Okay, this article is over. There will be other debugging records in the future!


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