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The DMG format is used in MAC and cannot be used directly in Ubuntu.

The ISO format is commonly used in most Linux and Windows Image file formats.

To facilitate Mac Virtual Machine installation in Ubuntu or windows, you need to convert the ISO format.

1. Open the terminal and install dmg2img. Sudo apt-Get install dmg2img

2. Convert the DMG format to the IMG format. dmg2img/path/to/example. DMG/path/to/example. img

3. Mount the imgfile.

Sudo mkdir/Media/Example

Sudo modprobe hfsplus

Sudo Mount-T hfsplus-o loop example. img/Media/Example

At this time, an error occurs:

Mount: Wrong FS type, bad option, bad superblock on/dev/loop0, missing codePage or Helper Program, or other error in some cases useful info is found in syslog-Try dmesg | tail or so


/Usr/sbin/sfdisk img_mac_x_lion.img to adjust the partition

Press enter, and enter y.

Then mount the device to/Media/MAC.


4. Use brasero to convert IMG to ISO format. brasero in applications-> sound & Video

5. Click an ISO icon and you will be taken out.



2. Q = cache:-uqe6lhwnfcj: bytes

3. Q = cache: 83priz6mmkej: www. psibo. unibo. IT/areait/partitions.html + bad + superblock + on +/dev/loop0 & Cd = 1 & HL = en & Ct = clnk & GL = HK & client = Ubuntu

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