DMS data table description

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Table Name explanation
Phome_ecms_infoclass_news news rule record table
Phome_ecms_news main data record table
Phome_ecms_news_data_1 News Sub-Table 1
Phome_ecms_news_doc master table of archived news data
Phome_ecms_news_doc_data archive data sub-table
Phome_enewsad AD data table
Phome_enewsadclass advertisement classification table
Phome_enewsadminstyle background Style
Phome_enewsbefrom information source data table
Phome_enewsbq Label data table
Phome_enewsbqclass label classification table
Phome_enewsbqtemp label template table
Phome_enewsbqtempclass tag template category
Phome_enewsbuybak member card recharge record data table
Phome_enewsbuygroup adds the recharge data record table
Phome_enewscard card recording data table
Phome_enewschecktext issuing comment data record table
Phome_enewsclass topic category main table
Phome_enewsclassadd topic category sub-table
Phome_enewsclasstemp example table template
Phome_enewsclasstempclass example table template category
Phome_enewsdiggips top data record table
Phome_enewsdo automatically refreshes the record table
Phome_enewsdolog administrator operation record table
Phome_enewsdownurlqz prefix record table
Phome_enewserrorclass administrator error report record table {do not know where to go in the background}
Phome_enewsf field record table
Phome_enewsfava member's favorite data record table
Phome_enewsfavaclass member favorites category record table
Phome_enewsfeedback feedback data record table
Phome_enewsfeedbackclass feedback classification data record table
Phome_enewsfeedbackf feedback field data record table
Phome_enewsfile attachment management data record table location: topic management-> attachment management
Phome_enewsgbook message data
Phome_enewsgbookclass message category
Phome_enewsgroup administrator user group data record table
Phome_enewshy member friend table
Phome_enewshyclass member friend classification table
Phome_enewsinfoclass: collect regular data tables
Phome_enewsinfotype title classification data record table
Phome_enewsjstemp JS template data record table
Phome_enewsjstempclass JS template category data record table
Phome_enewskey content keyword data record table
Phome_enewslinkclass OMG daylily are all cold ..
Temporary URL table collected by phome_enewslinktmp
Phome_enewslisttemp list template record table
Phome_enewslisttempclass list template category record table
Phome_enewslog Administrator Logon log
Phome_enewsloginfail Administrator Logon failure log table
Phome_enewsmember member data record master table
Phome_enewsmemberadd member's member data record table for adding fields
Phome_enewsmemberf member field data record table
Phome_enewsmemberfeedback member space feedback data record table E/SPACE/feedback. php? Userid = 1
Phome_enewsmemberform Member registry single data record table
Phome_enewsmembergbook member space message board data record table
Phome_enewsmembergroup member group data record table
Phome_enewsmod model data record table
Phome_enewsnewstemp content template data record table
Phome_enewsnewstempclass content template category data record table
Phome_enewsnotcj prevents collection of character record tables
Phome_enewspage custom page record table
Phome_enewspageclass custom page category record table
Phome_enewspayapi payment interface record table
Phome_enewspayrecord payment record table
Phome_enewspic location: Background-others Management> Manage Image Information
Phome_enewspicclass image information classification record table location: Background-other management> Manage image information classification
Phome_enewspl comment data record master table
Phome_enewsplayer player record table
Phome_enewsplf comment Custom Field table
Phome_enewspltemp comment template record table
Phome_enewspl_data_1 comments record sub-Table 1
Phome_enewspostdata remote release temporary table
Phome_enewspublic website sets a data record table
Phome_enewspubtemp public template data record table
Phome_enewsqf issuing data record table
Phome_enewsqmsg information record table
Phome_enewssearch keyword record table topic management-manage search keywords
Phome_enewssearchall_load search data source> Add search data source
Phome_enewssearchtempclass search template category table
Phome_enewsshopdd mall system order record table
Phome_enewsshoppayfs payment method record table
Phome_enewsshopps delivery method record table
Phome_enewsspacestyle member space style record table
Phome_enewssql SQL statement record table
Phome_enewstask scheduled task data table
Phome_enewstempgroup template group record table
Phome_enewstempvar template variable record table
Phome_enewstempvarclass template Variable Classification record table
Phome_enewstogzts combination topic parameter save table
Phome_enewsuser administrator record table
Phome_enewsuserjs custom JS data record table
Phome_enewsuserlist custom list
Phome_enewsvote management vote> Add vote
Phome_enewsvotemod model preset Voting
Phome_enewsvotetemp voting template data table
Phome_enewswapstyle WAP template data table
Phome_enewswriter author table
Phome_enewszt special data table
Phome_enewsztclass topic category table

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