Dnguard hvm trial version RC1 released

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A. Net kernel-level encryption and protection tool.

The kernel of the virtual machine processing layer is used.

Compatible with all current 32-bit. NET Framework versions, NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and all its sub-versions (such as Beta X, CTP, RC, and sp x ).

Supports encryption of generic methods.

The encryption protection process does not depend on ildasm and ilasm.
Supports C ++/CLI with localCodeHybridProgramSet encryption protection.
It is fully compatible with other pure obfuscation protection tools and does not have to worry about other obfuscation tools setting limits on ildasm, resulting in unencrypted data.

The encrypted assembly is fully compatible with other overall encryption, packaging, xbundler, and other protection methods.

The protection method of the trial version is similar to cliprotector. The kernel anti-jit layer shelling strength is equivalent to that of cliprotector and maxtocode 2007 Enterprise Edition.
For details, refer:
Introduction to common DOTNET encryption and protection tools

The dnguard hvm Standard Edition and Professional Edition provide more enhanced anti-shell processing for the virtual machine processing layer.
For details about how to shell a virtual machine processing layer, refer:
Implementation principle of. net jit layer shelling

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