[Dnn extension] Use lion. Web. webhtmleditor as the rich text editor of dnn (Preliminary Implementation)

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The day before yesterday I wrote an article titled making dnn use cuteeditor.Article. It is recommended that cuteeditor be a paid component ($129 is the cheapest), and promotion in dnn is still free of charge. He recommended lion. Web. webhtmleditor to me. On the lion website, we found that webhtmleditor is no inferior to cuteeditor. Of course, such a good thing is worth promoting, and webhtmleditor is still open-source, which is amazing.
You have compiled a provider to allow dnn to support webhtmleditor (dnn is also doing quite well, leaving a basic interface for extended rich text editing). The effect is as follows:

Download lionhtmleditorprovider> (applicable to both dnn3.0.x and dnn3.1)
Download the installation version> (use the release configuration to generate, smaller and faster)

Installation steps:
1. Copy all the files in the lionhtmleditorprovider (v1.0.0) folder of the compressed package to dnn.ProgramUnder the root directory
2. Modify the htmleditor node of the web. config file

< Htmleditor Defaultprovider = "Lionhtmleditorprovider" >
< Providers >
< Clear />
< Add Name = "Ftb3htmleditorprovider" Type = "Dotnetnuke. htmleditor. ftb3htmleditorprovider, dotnetnuke. ftb3htmleditorprovider" Providerpath = "~ \ Providers \ htmleditorproviders \ ftb3htmleditorprovider \" Toolbarstyle = "Office2003" Enableprofeatures = "False" Spellcheck = ""   />
< Add Name = "Lionhtmleditorprovider" Type = "Dotnetnuke. htmleditor. lionhtmleditorprovider, dotnetnuke. lionhtmleditorprovider" Providerpath = "~ \ Providers \ htmleditorproviders \ lionhtmleditorprovider \" Toolbarstyle = "Office_xp"   />
</ Providers >
</ Htmleditor >

Note: This is only a trial version, and almost all webhtmleditor is set by default. After you fully understand the webhtmleditor function, you will gradually improve this provider. We hope that the majority of dnn enthusiasts can download and try it out. If you have any questions or needs, please point out.

Thank you again for your selfless dedication and support !!!!!

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