DNS settings for messages

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For anti-spam, it is best to configure two DNS records under the domain name used by the sender: SPF and DKIM, they are used for anti-spam, the Mail accepts the server will check these two items, only meet the requirements to enter the user's mailbox.

In general, we use third-party mail services such as SendGrid, Postmarkapp, etc. when sending large quantities of mail, and they will give you the value of these two records,

dealer, add these two records under the domain name you sent the message to. For example, you use [email protected] to send mail, then you go to the fuck.com domain name to add these two records

1. Dkim Record

the basic working principle of DKIM is also based on the asymmetric encryption authentication method, which generates two sets of keys, public key and privatekey. The private key is placed in the outgoing mail server by the outgoing mail server product,

and attached to the message header. The public key is placed on the DNS server for automatic access. When the mail receiving server receives the message, it makes a comparison between the private key in the message header and the public key obtained from DNS . This enables the theft of the sender's name,

Change the attachment properties and other tricks failed.

2. SPF Record

An SPF record is a type of DNS record that is proposed to protect against spam, a type of TXT record that registers all IP addresses owned by a domain name for outgoing mail. As can be seen from the definition,

The role of SPF is mainly anti-spam, mainly for those who forged the domain name of the sender of Spam mail.

DNS settings for messages

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