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A good article on time management. Every day, we are busy, but how much time is actually doing things, not being busy ?......



When I went to college many years ago, I decided to develop a plan to challenge myself: I spent only three semesters to finish the four-year courses that others usually spend. This article (translated in this article) describes in detail all my time management skills in achieving this goal.

To achieve this goal, I am determined to earn 30 to 40 credits per semester, while other students only offer 12 to 15 credits on average. Obviously, I have to arrange a reasonable time to achieve the goal. I started to read all the information I could find about time management and learn how to use it. In just three semesters, I completed my goal: two bachelor's degrees in science (computer science and mathematics) and did not take summer courses. I sleep for seven to eight hours every night to handle my daily chores (shopping, cooking, etc.), participate in social activities, and exercise for 30 minutes every morning. In the last semester, I completed two 37-credit courses for advanced computer and mathematics. I even have a full-time job as a game programmer (40 hours a week ), he is also the vice chairman of the local ACM Association of Computing Machinery. My classmates added the time they needed to finish their homework and concluded that I had 250 hours a week. I graduated with an GPA of 3.9 and won a special award each year for the top computer students. One of my professors later told me that when they knew what I was doing, it was easy to select a candidate for the award.

I am not considered a gifted child. This is the first time I have done this. No one has guided me. I don't know if anyone has done that. I don't think of anyone who encourages me to do this. In fact, most people come out to dissuade me when I tell you. I just want to do it for myself. If you want to better understand why I tried something so crazy at that time, you may be happy to read the meaning of life: it contains the background of the story and detailed descriptions of my motives.

I spent a lot of time convincing the head of the computer department to give me additional credits. My classmates often say that I am cheating, or I have a twin brother, or simply say that I am mentally abnormal (the last one I hear the most every week, maybe some truth ). Most of the time I keep silence, but I will answer it truthfully when asked how many credits I have taken. I may be the only student in the University with a two-page course schedule, so if someone threatens me, it is easy to prove that I am telling the truth, although I seldom do this.

This story is not intended to attract you, nor to make you curious about how I do it. My goal is to use the concept of time management, which many people may not know at all, but has long existed in books and audio programs at that time. The time management habits developed in the university have greatly helped me start a business later, so I want to share with you and hope that you will feel equally valuable. It saved me tuition and gave me about $30,000 to start my own business (all I earned when I was a game programmer in the last semester, most of which were royalty-based ). The following is the essence of time management I know:

  • Clear goals are key

First, you must clearly know what you want. In a Taekwondo Hall that I have trained, there is a huge slogan on the wall, "Your goal is black band !". It reminds every student why he/she has been trained so hard. When you work alone, it is easy to do some worthless work on your desk all day. This often happens when you don't know what you're going to do. When you realize this, ask yourself, "What is my attempt to achieve here ?" You must always be clear about your goals. Make your goals clearer and write them out. Your goal must be clear to this extent: even if a stranger has an objective understanding of your situation, you can give an absolute "yes" or "no" response on whether you have completed each target. If you cannot clearly define your goals, how can you know if you reach them?

I found that the key cycle for defining and expanding a specific target is 90 days, which is a quarter. In such a period of time, if you establish a very clear goal, you can make a significant and measurable change. Take some time to stop and write about what you want your life to be in the next 90 days. What kind of monthly income? What is the weight? What about friends? What is your career? What are interpersonal relationships? What will your website look like? Detailed description. A clear description will provide a boundary for your entire plan.

Just like an airplane's autopilot must constantly revise its route, and you must regularly review your goals. Repeat your clearly written goals every morning and repeat these clearly recorded goals. Stick them on the wall, especially your economic goals. A few years ago (In The Middle Of 1990s), I posted a "$5000/Month" on each room. That is my current monthly income target. I keep establishing clear income targets. Even if I encounter setbacks, I find this process very effective. This does not only help me focus on my goals-it may help me to ignore things beyond those goals. For example, if you have determined the target for a monthly income of 10 thousand US dollars, this will let you stop doing things that can only earn five thousand US dollars per month.

If you still don't understand how to define a goal, you should take it as your primary goal. It's hard to know what you really want for a lifetime. Most people are addicted to the "I don't know what to do" status for a long time. They waited for external forces to clarify their own goals, but did not know that they were created by themselves. Everything is waiting for you to start, there is no other way, it will wait until you make up your mind. Waiting for a clear goal is like a sculptor watching a marble, waiting for the statue inside to automatically show up unwanted debris. Don't expect the goal to be automatically clarified-Pick up your hand!

  • Flexible arrangement

Knowing your goals is totally different from knowing how you reach your goals. A typical commercial aircraft departs 90% of the time, but it is almost always at its destination because it knows where to fly and where to change its direction at any time. You cannot predict the exact path. I think the true purpose of the plan is that you are sure there is a feasible way. We have heard that, according to statistics, 80% of new business organizations collapsed in the first five years, but a more interesting statistic is that the development path of almost all successful business organizations is different from the original plan. If you start a successful business plan, you will often find that the initial plan has been defeated. They just succeed by trying other ways. Some people say that business plans that are not closely related to the market are hard to survive. It is difficult for me to promote it into a program that is not closely related to the real world.

Stephen Covey, a famous writer and business consultant, often quotes this sentence: "Be honest with your choice ." This means that you cannot blindly execute a plan without understanding the target. For example, your careful execution plan-so far everything went well-suddenly encountered an unexpected opportunity. Do you stick to the original plan (which will lead to a loss) or stop the plan to seize the opportunity (which will lead you out of the Plan )? At this time, you need to stop and consider your goals to decide which is a better choice. Blind execution plans are not advisable. Once you get information that can correct the plan, you need to train to be honest at the time of choice. Sometimes you can use unexpected shortcuts to achieve your goals. In other cases, you have to stick to the original plan and avoid being distracted by secondary tasks. This will take you away from your goals. Keep up with your goals, but be flexible with your plans.

I believe that a clear forward goal is much more important than a clear short-term plan. In college, I knew my final goal-completing my college in three semesters-but my plan was changing at any time. Every day, I have new assignments, courses, or exams. I have to adapt to these changing situations. If I try to specify a long-term plan for each semester, the plan will become invalid in one day.

  • Instant event

I stick to a very basic paper-pen recording, rather than some elaborate organizational systems. My only organization tool is a notebook where I write down all the tasks and their deadlines. I am not worried about the pre-arrangement and order. I just need to take a look at the list and select the appropriate time. After this task is completed, remove it from the list.

If I have a ten-hour semester assignment to write, I will finish it at one time instead of dividing it into smaller tasks. I usually do the time-consuming work on weekends. Go to the library in the morning for necessary information, and then return to the dormitory to start writing until the final paper is printed. If you need to take a rest, I will take a rest. This has nothing to do with how important the plan is to be completed by the professor within weeks. Once I start, I will stick to it until 100% is finished and I will wait for my homework to be handed in.

This simple habit saves me a lot of time. First, it enables me to concentrate on each task, which is very efficient. Conversion tasks waste a lot of time because you have to get familiar with them. Independent Processing minimizes the time required for switching tasks. In fact, if possible, I will combine tasks of a specific topic and then finish them at one time. So I completed my math homework one time in a row. Then do all the programming jobs. Then perform a comprehensive job. In this way, I put my brain in the status of mathematical thinking, programming thinking, writing thinking, and artistic thinking, and keep a single pattern as long as possible. Second, I think this habit makes me feel free and stressed, and my thinking will not be confused by too many things to do. This habit of doing only one thing at a time makes me forget everything beyond the current task.

  • Failed to be a friend

Most people have inherent fear of failure. In fact, it is your best friend. Successful people also experienced many failures due to repeated attempts. The great baseball bat Babe Ruth kept a record of both the base and trigger outs. The most successful person is also facing the most painful failure. You don't have to be ashamed of failure. The only regret is that you never try again. Therefore, do not fear the process of moving forward. To determine whether something is feasible, sometimes the fastest way is to get started. You can constantly adjust yourself during the process. This is a process of preparation-fire-aiming, And it is surprising that it is more effective than the usual preparation-aim-opening process. The reason is that after you "fire", you have first-hand data to adjust your aim. Many people fall into thinking and planning, and never start to work. Stuck in a certain step (for example, prepare-aim-Aim ......), You have lost too many good ideas.

I have made many crazy attempts in college that I think can save time. I keep reading and applying time management materials, but I also have an innovative approach. Most of my methods fail completely, but some work. I am willing to fail over and over again, so that, under a small opportunity, my occasional discoveries make me soar.

You must understand that failure is not the opposite of success. Failure is the mother of success. Once you succeed, no one remembers that you failed. Microsoft is not the first commercial venture between Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Who remembers the failure when they ran Traf-o-data? When Jin Kai Lee was a year-old light comedy actor, he was often put on the stage. The invention of the lightbulb was because Thomas Edison did not give up after 10000 failures. If you are entangled in failure, you will understand it as follows: this is also a success, or gain experience.

Overcome the fear of failure will make you happy. If you are excited to achieve a special goal, but you are afraid that you will not be able to achieve it successfully, let's start. Even if your attempt fails, you will learn valuable things and try again. If you see successful business people today, you need to see a series of painful failures before their career success, including me. In addition, I think these people agree with me that the initial failure experience will contribute to the subsequent success. For those who plan to start a business, my advice is to start a business as production or service, rather than worrying about success. They may fail. But you will learn more than just a fantasy.

  • Start now!

W. Clement Stone built an insurance empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He asked all employees to recite this sentence over and over again every day: "Now !" Once you think you're getting lazy and think of what you have to do, stop and say, "start now! Start now! Start now !" I often use this sentence as my screen saver. The drag-and-drop operation costs a lot, because you go back to work, greatly increasing the waste of time. Thinking and planning are important, but action is more important. Thinking and planning won't reward you, but you can only get the fruits of your work. When you hesitate, make bold actions, just as it cannot fail at all. Actually, it does.

It is absolutely necessary to develop a habit of decisive decision. I use the 60-Second Principle for every required decision, no matter how important it is. Once I have enough preparation to make a decision, I open a timer and only give myself 60 seconds to make a decisive decision. If you need it, I may even use a coin. When I was in college, I didn't have time to worry about my homework or when to finish it. I picked up one and started to do it. Now I need to decide which report to write, and I will pick a topic to start writing. I think this is why I never thought it was impossible. There is no way to start thinking about what to write. I didn't waste time writing things, just because I was too busy. This may also be the reason why I can easily write hundreds of original articles. Each article I write generates at least two points of view, so my list of points is growing. I cannot imagine that the content will be used up.

People often make decisions without delay, which is also of no benefit. It is usually determined that the delay will only lead to negative consequences. Therefore, even if you are confused, just bit your teeth and make up your mind. If it is a wrong decision, you will soon find out. Many people may spend more than 60 seconds deciding what to eat for lunch. If I couldn't decide what to eat, I would just grab an apple or a handful of bananas and start eating. Sometimes, before I decide what to eat, the fruit has filled my stomach. In this way, my brain understands that if I want to eat more fruit, I 'd better decide quickly. If you can speed up the decision, you will save the remaining time for implementing the plan.

Research shows that the best managers in the world have a strong resistance to hesitation. That is to say, they will make a bold decision in the face of preference or conflict. Many industrialists today have accelerated their decision-making because the opportunity may be missed when the preparation is sufficient. When you have no way to leave, you can only rely on your own experience and intuition. Make decisions as quickly as possible. If you cannot make a decision immediately, put it aside and take a moment to consider it. A lot of time should be spent on action, rather than deciding on itself. Being indecisive is a serious waste of time. It is best not to exceed 60 seconds. Make a resolute and direct decision, from uncertainty to certainty, and then take action. When an error occurs, let the facts tell you, so that you will accumulate enough experience to make a correct and wise decision.

  • Give up relentlessly

Give up all things that waste time. They are all thrown into the garbage bins. Follow the "give up if you suspect" principle. Do not subscribe to useless magazines. If you haven't read the magazine two months ago, throwing it away may not be worth reading. Understand that anything that takes time to do is valuable. Before registering a new service or subscription, ask yourself how long it will take you? There is an opportunity cost to do everything. Ask yourself, "Is it worth my sacrifice ?"

When I went to college, I strictly checked everything I had to do. I once refused to join a professor's program on computer science research because that would waste a lot of time. It took about 10 to 20 hours for the study to work, so long that I would be stuck in a complicated job, but I could not learn anything I did not know. In addition, this study only accounts for 10% of my classroom scores. As a result, my previous performance was excellent. The only result of my absence from the Institute was that my semester score changed from A to -. I told the professor that it was fair and would accept -. I don't want to talk to him about any special conditions. So my score for that semester was a-, but since I made better use of those 10 to 20 hours, I gave myself a +.

Ask yourself the following question: "If I want to do a job that cannot acquire new knowledge like studying a subject, establishing a relationship, or engaging in a job, should I start again?" If your answer is "no ." So stay away from those things. This is called meaningless thinking. I have learned that many people use the creed "starting from beginning to end in doing things" to limit themselves. They spent a lot of time crawling a ladder, but when they reached the top of the ladder, they found that the original ladder was wrong building, and all they had done was in vain. Remember that failure is your friend. Therefore, when you find that the previous decisions are no longer serving your current goals, please boldly and relentlessly abandon the previous decisions and then look for better ideas. People will not be proud to spend their whole life pursuing a goal of slack off their lives. This is another time to take care of the overall situation. You must constantly reevaluate your current situation before you can make the right decisions for future development. If you do not always examine your decisions today, all previous decisions are useless.

  • Determine and make up for the wasted time

Record an hour-long TV program, and then skip the advertisement in a fast forward manner within 45 minutes. In the same case, if you can solve the problem by phone for 10 minutes, do not spend half an hour sending a long email. Put the things you want to do together, and then immediately fix them.

In the summer between the second and third semesters during college, I found that an apartment along the street is a little closer to the project hall than our dormitory. So I moved out of my dormitory and moved into the apartment along the street, which saves me some walking or cycling time every day. In my original dormitory, there were three people in each room, but now I have a smaller, single-occupancy small apartment room. The new room is more efficient. For example, I can cook dinner while working, because there are only a few steps between my desk and the stove.

People eager to improve efficiency always start with overcoming the habit of wasting time, but I think that is wrong. It is slower to cultivate personal habits. First, we must clarify the purpose. If you do not have a clear purpose, but try to use efficient habits to crowd out ineffective habits, the result is only failure. Because you don't have a strong reason to support your time to do meaningful things, it's easy to stop doing things. You need an ambitious and attractive goal to motivate yourself. The reason you can squeeze 15 minutes from work time is because of your passion for making better use of the 15 minutes.

For example, if you have a job that you like, but the competition for this job is not fierce, you should pay attention to saving 15 minutes for every job, you save a total of hours or even hours every day. If you can use them to achieve your goal, you will take the initiative to make better use of the saved time. If you understand that a real life is in the order of "purpose, meaning, and belief", a low-level life is in the self-regulating State of "habits, practices, and actions.

  • Apply the 80/20 rule

We all know that the principle of "a 80/20 Proportional Relationship Rule" refers to the value of 20% with a 80% effort. In turn, the rule also refers to the value of 80% with 20% efforts. I strictly abide by this principle when I am in college. In a few weeks, I escaped from class 40%, because for me, class is not the most efficient way to learn. As I mentioned earlier, I refused to participate in a research project because I felt it was not worth the time. In the same way, I attended only twice in a math class, either at the moment or at the end of the semester. Because I think reading books by myself is much faster than learning lectures. I started my homework every time I was in class, and then recorded what I would like to talk about next time. In fact, I took the highest score in the course, but the professor may not know who I am. Other students except me follow the rules and ignore their own rules. Find the 20% most important part of your life and make every effort. If there are some things that will waste time, do not hesitate to give up on it. Invest your time in things that can get twice the result with half the effort.

  • Defending your time

To work efficiently, you need a large amount of uninterrupted time to complete meaningful work. When you make sure you are not disturbed, your work efficiency will be much higher. When you sit down and want to finish a very serious job, don't do anything else. devote yourself to this period of time. I found that a period of no less than 90 minutes is ideal for completing a separate job.

You need to discuss it with people around you to ensure that a large part of the time will not be disturbed. If necessary, inform them in advance not to disturb you at a specific time. If necessary, use force to threaten (pretend ). At school, I lock my bedroom door when I need to work. In this way, my roommate will understand that I should not be disturbed during this period of time. However, each independent dormitory is designed for two people (four-person suites), so I paid more and owned a bedroom of my own. So I can work in a private room. When I have time, I open the door and sometimes play games with my roommate. If you happen to work in an environment that is often disturbed, your productivity will be affected, so you have to change the environment at any cost. Some people told me that they used to show this article to their boss to help persuade him/her to try to reduce unnecessary interruptions at work.

For some people, it is good to set aside a special period of time to work. My best job is a long period of time, with an indefinite end time, and I don't want to be disturbed. I often set the start time of a job, but I do not specify the specific completion time. Whenever I work for as long as possible, until I feel hungry or physically needed. I can work for six consecutive hours without any rest. Although people generally think that regular rest can improve efficiency, I think that is only a kind of artificial comfort for the poor and inactive workers in the industrialization period, it does not apply to those with strong initiative, clear goals, and creativity. I found that I would keep working until I almost couldn't continue, instead of dividing a job into several small parts, because that would lead to the danger of being distracted at work.

It takes about 15 minutes to enter the status when you forget to focus on a job. After being disturbed, it will take another 15 minutes to enter the status again. Once you enter the status, you must keep it. This State allows you to concentrate on a lot of work and previous work-related experience. When I am in this status, I never want to do anything in the past or in the future. I only think of me and my work.

However, sometimes I encounter such problems. Due to the increase in work, it cannot be completed on time (Parkinson's Law), but I think it is worth taking the risk to give it a try. For example, when I optimize my website, I often have good ideas in my mind. So I immediately put my ideas into practice. I found that the execution idea was much more efficient than the subsequent arrangement.

  • Full Investment

In a period of time, do not consider anything other than the current work. Do not check your email address, forum, or surfing the Internet. If you have this idea, disconnect the Internet at work. Turn off the phone or reject the call. Go to the restroom and make sure you are not hungry for a while. Do not leave the chair or talk to anyone during this period.

After deciding what to do, don't do anything else. If you are accidentally disturbed by others, ask them what is the most important thing and determine if they are only doing the most important thing. If this person is replying to an email, it is the most important thing for him to send an email at this time. Otherwise, this person is a waste of time.

If you need to take a rest, take a thorough rest. If you feel that you need to recover your physical strength, do not rest while working. Receiving emails or surfing the Internet is not a break. When you are resting, close your eyes, take a deep breath, listen to some relaxing music, or go out for a walk, take a nap for 20 minutes, or eat fruit. Rest until you think you can work hard. If you need to take a rest, you should take a rest and work at work. If you cannot concentrate on 100%, you simply do not work. It is correct to take a rest as long as you want, but do not let the rest time take up the work time.

  • Multi-line work

New knowledge in a particular field has increased so quickly that your knowledge may become obsolete at any time. The only solution is to absorb new knowledge as much as possible. I did not have many skills at work today five years ago. As far as I know, the best way to keep up with the times is to read as much as possible, and listen to recordings.

When watching TV, I read computer magazines during the advertising period. For a man, shave and read. I shave my face with an electric razor every day and read something in these two or three minutes. This allows me to read more than two articles a week, and more than 100 articles a year. This habit is easy to start. Just pick up a few magazines or print articles that don't have time to read and put them in your bedroom. When you go out, just take one copy. If you want to queue up, such as at a post office or store, you can read it out. You will be surprised how much knowledge you have learned while doing these things without worrying about it.

Listen to educational recordings as much as possible. You can hear it when you drive. Nightingale Conant sells various recording programs organized by experts in various fields. Most of them are six hours long and are about $60 to $70. They are worth something. These programs are more practical than attending a university. People who have obtained a degree in business or trade at a university are taught by university professors. When you take the same course, the millionaire or billionaire tells you what is feasible and what is not feasible. A good way to save time is to directly ask those who master the skills you want to learn.

Multi-line work may be the most important simple skill for me to complete my college courses in three semesters. I usually have seven to eight hours of courses on work days. But every Tuesday of the last semester, I have been connected to classes from AM to AM. Because I have chosen 12 courses every semester and I have to perform many quizzes and homework every week. I have no time to study in addition to working hours. So I have to learn what I encounter. If the teacher writes something on the blackboard, I will remember it. If I cannot wait and study again, it is dangerous to lag behind. For those difficult courses, I will do my homework, complete programming algorithms, or improve my plans. You can find countless opportunities for multi-line work. During your activities, such as driving, cooking, shopping or walking, listening to tapes or reading something.

The idea of multi-line work seems to be in conflict with the previous suggestions. However, what we talked about above is a high-intensity job. You must do your best to concentrate on them. Work here refers to low-intensity jobs that can do other things at the same time, such as queuing, cooking, taking a plane or going from one place to another. Multi-line work cannot be used in critical tasks, otherwise it will be counterproductive. Take a rest, but don't waste your time on partial results. The adjustment between full effort and complete rest is more effective.

Multi-line work can increase your efficiency to a new level. You may think this is too tiring, but many people find that the effect is the opposite. I am full of energy by doing many things. The harder you work, the stronger your ability to work, and the more effective you can rest.

  • Try it

People and people are different, so effective methods for you may not work for others. You may enjoy high job efficiency in the morning or stay up late. Use your own characteristics to find a way to make up for the shortcomings. Experiment work while listening to music. I use a free Winamp Player that can play a variety of free music on my computer all day. I found that classical music and new century music, especially Mozart, are not doing well in network development. However, for most daily tasks, listening to those fast techno/trance music can make me faster. I don't know why. When I listen to fast-paced music, my work is twice as effective as I don't listen to music. On the other hand, music with lyrics is harmful because it is too distracting. If I want to be highly concentrated, I will not listen to music at all. You can try it and see what kind of music is good for you. For me, the difference between these music is dramatic.

When you think of a strange idea to improve efficiency, first try to see how it works. If you do not try, do not give up your thoughts easily. Local success is more common than full failure, so every attempt will be helpful for time management practices. Even if the ongoing attempt is stupid, it will make you more efficient.

  • Stay passionate

The term "enthusiasm" comes from the Greek term "entheos", literally "God in mind ". I like this explanation very much. If you are not passionate about how to schedule time, I doubt that it is impossible to master the art of time management. To the direction that truly inspires you. Chase your passion, not money. If you are not enthusiastic about your work, you are wasting your life. Change your job. Rethink new careers. If your current career is boring, do not get discouraged. Remember, failure is a friend. Listen to the call of your heart and stimulate your work. Doing things that make you unhappy is the most time-consuming. You work for your own life.

As most people do, you may be able to take the initiative quickly, but then you will be down, inefficient, and unable to continue planning. How easy it is to start a new plan when you are enthusiastic. But how difficult is persistence when passion fades away? People will always have one or more shortcomings. Unless you try to cultivate them, you will lose initiative and enthusiasm over time. I don't think that the things I don't want to do can be forced. If I don't take the initiative, it's almost impossible to sit down and work hard, and how painful it is. When you have enough initiative, you can work just as well.

In college, I cannot lose my passion, so that I will die. I soon realized that I had to consciously increase my enthusiasm every day. I 've been keeping my Walkman around (there was no mp3 at that time). When I moved from one classroom to the next, I listened to the tapes of time management and self-motivation. I also listen when jogging in the morning. I keep my passion almost all the time. Even if someone says I will fail. These tapes have a huge impact on me because I have been active.

If your enthusiasm is high, you will work very effectively and treat boring work as fun. I have always found that once I want to raise my career to a new level, I must first raise my consciousness to a new level. If you want to change, your actions will change, and the results will change. Unless you are an exciting guy, you need to increase your enthusiasm every day. I recommend listening to self-motivated tapes, or reading motivated books and articles, at least 15 minutes a day. As soon as you stop fighting for yourself, you will begin to doubt yourself and your motivation will begin to drop. It is surprising that people often instill initiative in themselves to keep their passion. If you work on multiple lines at the same time, you don't have to spend any additional time.

  • Diet and exercise

In the summer before the last semester of the University (1993), I became a semi-vegetarian. I found that my energy was greatly improved, especially the ability to concentrate. Four years later (in 1997), I became a strict vegetarian (not eating meat). Today, this has produced greater enhancements.

Diet has a profound impact on activities. Meat products require more time and energy to digest than plant foods, so when your body consumes a lot of energy to digest it, it means that the amount of energy you use for mental work is reduced. When digestion contains meat, your work efficiency will be reduced and your energy will be more dispersed. If you find it hard to concentrate on mental work after meals, what you eat is the culprit. Franklin also believes that a modest meal is significant to his work. He can continue his effective work for the rest of the time, while his colleagues seem dull and sleepy.

Regular physical exercise is also necessary to have enough energy and a clear mind. In college, I have to run for 30 minutes before breakfast every day. Of course, I will also listen to self-motivated tapes and educational tapes. Every day, this puts my body in good shape and helps me maintain my desired weight. In addition, I had to wrap around my campus every day, and I had to carry a 20-30-pound schoolbag, which was filled with textbooks. In this way, even if I sat in the classroom most weekends, I got enough physical exercise.

Mastering time management makes sense to hone your best time management tools, that is, your health. Through diet and exercise, you can cultivate the ability to continuously concentrate, even if the hard work seems easy.

If you think you are overweight now, go to a nearby gymnasium or sports store and choose one (or a pair) that is equal to your excess weight. Take it around and feel your daily burden. Imagine how easy it would be if you lose this weight. Carrying heavy loads to exercise is one thing, but if these weights are part of the weight, you can never put them down or get the harvest from them. Make up your mind to lose these excess weights, and the standard body will benefit you for life.

  • Work-and-rest Integration

I don't think it would be so easy to maintain long-term motivation, health, and happiness if you cannot reasonably arrange your life. The advantages of some aspects cannot make up for the shortcomings of other aspects. In college, I try to relax one day a week. For sports, parties, community organizations, playing games, playing billiards, and even traveling to Las Vegas in the last semester. "Black March" is caused by unreasonable life. Too much focus on one aspect at the cost of other lives is harmful in the long run. Maintain a balance in all aspects of your life. When your career develops, do not forget to develop your own personality.

I have no girlfriend, but I have never been to a college student after three semesters. Although I have many good friends (both men and women) and we play together at bars every week, I do not have time to chase girls out of my busy schedule. I remember one time, a girl was obviously interested in me and she was more with me. But I gave up because I didn't have time to date her as she imagined. She cannot be my girlfriend.

If I start school again, I believe it would be better to spend four to five semesters, so I have time to find a girlfriend. It is wonderful to share the fun of life with others, not to mention other close contacts. After graduation, I have a lot of time for dating. I found my girlfriend a few months later and we got married four years later. She and I were alumni in college. We had many acquaintances, but we didn't even meet each other at that time.

I believe that the significance of time management lies in making every effort to make your life interesting. By clarifying your goals and developing good habits, you can achieve your goals more efficiently. You will enjoy a rich and rich life that you have never had before. More than a decade later, I looked back at my college life, And I was grateful for the whole process. On the way to success, I made a strict plan and grew up quickly. This is the best time in my life.

If you want to become active, you can make your life change. The reason for mastering time management is to get a superior life and make it different. Time management is not self-sacrifice or self-denial, nor is it hard to do things that you do not want to do. In fact, it makes you more happy to do what you like.


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