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We use Windows Live Messenger 9.0, which is full of advertisements, and do not want to use advertisement tools. Who knows if they are doing anything illegal!

WLM 9.0 (We recommend that you back up the files to be modified before modification to avoid loss. Remember!):

1. Download reshacker.

2. Use the reshacker software to open the msgsres. dll file in the c: \ Program Files \ MSN Messenger folder (Supplement: The wlm9 file directory is in c: \ Program Files \ Windows Live \ Messenger ).

3. Remove the advertisement on the interface:
Search for "id = atom (ssconstrainer)", excluding double quotation marks. Change layoutpos = top to layoutpos = none. Compile and save the code.

4. Remove the text advertisement method below the dialog box (this is not clear, ":" changed? How to change it ?) :

5. Remove the search bar at the bottom of the interface:
Find "idsearchcontainer"
Change "layoutpos = bottom" above to "layoutpos = none"

(Note that the following changes 6 and 7 are important steps to differentiate between 8.0 and 8.5-9.0. If 8.5-9.0 is only followed by 5, you still cannot remove the search bar at the bottom of the interface, 6 methods can ensure the operation is completely successful)

6. Continue searching for idsearchcontainer.
Change "layoutpos = bottom" under it to "layoutpos = none"

7. Continue searching for idsearchcontainer.

At this point, msn8.5 or 9.0 will go to the search to modify the advertisement, and restart MSN, you will see a completely slimming MSN. As for those annoying tabs, you can disable it in MSN settings.

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