Do not be confused when purchasing a refrigerator: the more features, the better.

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Refrigerators are becoming more and more powerful. At the same time, there are a wide array of new refrigerator products on the market. There are an endless variety of new concepts, such as antibacterial, energy-saving, zero-degree preservation, and photosynthetic preservation, which make consumers feel confused. Which one is suitable for refrigerators?


Industry insiders believe that when traditional air conditioners encounter "healthy air conditioners" PK, consumers will still choose based on their needs, depending on cost-effectiveness and their own economic conditions, ordinary households still purchase household appliances from an economical and practical perspective, and then consider healthy and environmentally friendly.


Healthy refrigerators are not healthy


In recent years, refrigerators have brought us convenience and ease, but have also become the main culprit in power consumption. In order to change the health drawbacks of traditional refrigerators and meet the increasing health requirements of consumers, appliance manufacturers are focusing on health and promoting healthy and Energy-Saving Refrigerator products. However, consumers still have a rational attitude towards such products that focus on health concepts.


It is worth noting that, due to incorrect use methods, a healthy refrigerator may sometimes be detrimental to the health of consumers, because only healthy use of a healthy refrigerator can truly ensure health. For example, the popular antibacterial and fresh-keeping refrigerators on the market can not only maintain food freshness, but also ensure food storage security. But don't worry about buying such a refrigerator, because the health function of a healthy refrigerator is limited after all, and it cannot kill bacteria. All refrigerators can be properly used to bring healthy life to families.



"This refrigerator can be switched as you like, and will automatically remind you if it exceeds the preservation time. It is fresh and sterilized ." This voice has become commonplace in various major stores. Refrigerator manufacturers usually buy health cards based on their consumption conditions. Manufacturers take it as a new growth point, make full efforts to research and develop new products, so that the refrigerator has completed the common function to the health demand of the gorgeous Turn.



Not the more features, the better.


In the summer, refrigerator sales are getting better and better. Many consumers prefer refrigerators with more functions. They think that the more functions the better, the more advanced the functions. But this is not the case.


Some enterprises are "traditional" in terms of functions. No matter what kind of consumers or whether consumers need them or not, they always design product functions more and more complicated. The result is not only a waste of money for a large number of impractical functions, but also a frequent failure caused by complicated design. In addition, from a technical point of view, due to different functions, the required technologies are also quite different: to have a considerable amount of freezing power, power must be matched, and energy-saving mute will have a certain limit; To be fluorine-free, it is necessary to use substitutes, while some substitutes may leak easily and some may corrode the liner. In this way, the failure probability is higher, and the refrigerator life is also affected. It is impossible for a single product to have the best indexes, you may not be able to do anything.


Many consumers pay special attention to the refrigerating Effect of refrigerators when purchasing them, so that the stronger the refrigerating effect is, the better. Although freezing force is an important technical indicator for measuring refrigeration appliances, refrigeration appliances have different purposes and performance requirements. The main function of household refrigerators is preservation. Excessive freezing power not only increases unnecessary expenses, but also damages the internal organization of food and affects the nutrition of food.


A few days ago, Midea refrigerator launched four series of 19 high-end new products, focusing on the energy-saving brand, and proposed the concept of "energy-saving core". However, some experts believe that, to achieve a balance between the best preservation effect and the best energy-efficiency ratio, we only need to reduce the power consumption.ArticleIt is far from enough. It is necessary to have the optimal structure and cooling design. Manufacturers at any cost can achieve power saving through simple measures such as thickening insulation layer, or improve the performance-to-performance ratio by adopting new technologies. However, the one-sided emphasis on "the more power-saving, the better" will often affect the performance of the product.



Too many doors may not be good


The concept in the refrigerator market is everywhere. Now, even the refrigerator door has launched a new concept, such as drawer refrigerator and multi-door refrigerator. The reporter found that these new concepts are nothing more than changing the door to a drawer, or opening several more doors.


But some consumers said that refrigerators are getting bigger and bigger, and there are more and more doors. Some of them have drawers and doors. They look very stylish. I don't know how to use these doors.


According to experts, in fact, for consumers, it is not the case that the more refrigerator doors, the more drawers, the better. The key is to check the local size and population of the consumer's home, in addition, the daily habits determine how many refrigerator doors to purchase. For example, if you do not want to drink red wine, you certainly do not need to bring the wine area when you buy a refrigerator. This means that the area and energy consumption can be reduced.


Research shows that each person's daily use of the refrigerator volume is about 70-80 litre, generally, the three homes to buy a refrigerator,-litre is enough. If the refrigerator is too large and there are too many foods to store, the food will not be updated in time and will not help your health.


According to statistics, the 220-litre three-door refrigerator has become the mainstream consumer, especially in the primary market. It is estimated that the sales share of the three-door and pair-door refrigerators will increase from 50% to more than 60% this year. In addition, although the number of refrigerators purchased by consumers is gradually increasing, most consumers are still cost-effective.


The concept of preservation is not reliable


Various refrigerators provide a wide range of publicity for preservation: Moisturizing, preservation, odor removal, and the continuous release of vitamin preservation factor by VC, which prevents acidification of fruits and vegetables, food remains nutritious and delicious for a long time. Photosynthetic preservation simulates the photosynthesis of plants, releasing seven beneficial light waves, promoting its regeneration length, and greatly increasing the nutrients of fruits and vegetables ......

Of course, fresh-keeping refrigerators have also aroused a lot of controversy while being sought after by consumers. On the one hand, the concept of freshness-keeping is what consumers want, but on the other hand, with more and more brands catering to market demands, the concept of freshness-keeping is also rendered messy. As a result, a war of mouth on the concept of preservation in the refrigerator industry is a splash of mouth. According to industry analysts, there is no problem with the Preservation Technology and concept. It is generated on the premise that there is demand first. But the current situation is that the concept of freshness-keeping is a little overhyped, and some brands have launched fresh-keeping technologies that are not as amazing as they have said. Some consumers are disappointed with the use and have doubts about the preservation technology.


Some insiders also said that there is no mistake in the direction of preservation, the key lies in whether the preservation technology can truly meet the expectations of consumers. A process is required to meet expectations. The maturity of any technology cannot be achieved overnight. It requires constant experimentation and patience.


According to relevant experts, these seemingly incomprehensible concepts are nothing more than the three major issues of wind, water, and light that affect preservation. For example, some refrigerators only have air outlets on the top. This type of refrigerator may cause uneven air conditioning due to the blockage caused by food placement on each layer, and it is easy to blow dry food. The above-mentioned concept refrigerator uses multi-layer air duct air supply, the air outlet is located on both sides of the refrigerator, the air-conditioning can reach each corner even, and the air-conditioning will not blow on the food, but blow to the inner wall of the side, it is not easy to dry food, and its preservation is more persistent. Another example is the magic fresh-keeping lid design, which provides two-way water adjustment advice to avoid moisture condensation and exposure. It can be absorbed or released in a timely manner when attached to the shelf to effectively maintain water balance in the fruit and vegetable room, extend the retention period. "Fresh"Cube"Effectively stop and delay the metabolism of fruits and vegetables ...... The concept is that refrigerators can use certain technical means to reduce the evaporation of food moisture, so as not to let food become dry and maintain freshness.


experts suggest that you be cautious when purchasing a refrigerator. you should choose a refrigerator product that focuses on relevant functions from the needs of your family, simply look at the efficacy rather than being confused or induced by various concepts.

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