Do not be impetuous)

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1. Don't look at other people's replies. Code Right! You should think about why. When you come up with other people's tips, you will know the differences between yourself and others.
2. If you are a beginner, please do not read too many books. If you are a beginner, you should first look for the system to learn. Many people have been familiar with some functions for a long time, and the system is not enough.
3. Do not read help because it is difficult and you are a beginner. Help is always the best reference manual. Although the help text is sometimes difficult to understand, it is not intuitive enough.
4. Do not be confused by objects, attributes, methods, and other words. The most fundamental thing is to first understand the basic knowledge.
5. Don't let go of any small seemingly simple problem-they are often not that simple, or they can draw out a lot of knowledge points; you will never learn it if you don't give an analogy.
6. Knowing something doesn't mean you can write a script. It requires experience.
7. It is not difficult to learn scripts, but ASP, PHP, and so on. What is hard is to stick to the practice for a long time and spare no effort to read a group of books;
8. Reading more books is incomplete and requires more practice.
9. It is better to keep outdated technologies in mind when talking about fashionable technologies;
10. One of the best ways to learn scripts is to practice multiple times;
11. Do not think that the books in your hands are sufficient at any time;
12. read carefully the books you can understand. Read the books you can't understand;
13. Don't expect to read the first book to remember and master anything-please read the second and third times;
14. Put the examples in the book on your computer for practice, even if the supporting CD contains source files;
15. Expand the meaningful examples seen in the book and apply them to your work;
16. Do not miss any exercise in the book-please finish it all and record your thoughts;
17. when you use half of the script but find that your method is poor, please do not stop immediately; please complete the remaining parts as soon as possible to ensure the integrity of this code, analyze your own errors and rewrite and work again.
18. Don't worry, writing scripts is really not easy; The level is improved and developed in constant practice;
19. Every time I learned a difficult script, I tried to explain this knowledge point to someone else and let him understand it-you can clearly explain that you really understand it;
20. Record the knowledge points that you ignore or do not understand when communicating with others;
21. save all the source files you have done-that is one of your best accumulation;
22. for the Internet, I hope you can make more use of it. Many questions do not have to be asked in the forum. First, you must learn to find your own answers. Google and Baidu are good search engines, you only need to enter keywords to find a lot of relevant information. Don't always wait for others to give you hope. It means you are also very lazy!
23. Go to a forum and you will learn to read previous posts. If you don't want to read nothing, you will post and ask questions. Maybe someone has asked you a question long ago. You will ask again, no one else wants to repeat it. As a beginner, no one wants to reply to his post.
24. Although it is not a blow to beginners, I would like to say this sentence: forum Forums are where everyone is discussing it. If you always want to have experts to give you free advice, unless he is your relative !! At least the level of the discussion is quite the case. If the level is too far away, you may need answers to the basic operations. Who else will discuss it with you.

it is easy for impetuous people to ask: What should I learn? ---- don't ask, it's right to learn.
impetuous people may ask: does JS have money; ---- we suggest you rob a bank.
impetuous people may say: I want a Chinese version! I cannot use English! ---- No? Learn!
impetuous people are divided into two types: those who only watch and do not learn; those who only learn but do not stick to it;
impetuous people are never a master.

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