Do not be "fooled" by the high index words that are artificially brushed.

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Every day will find some strange and playful phenomenon, this is doing SEO one of the fun. The ranking of monitoring keywords is a lot of webmaster will do every day, the author yesterday in the background to see traffic data, found that there is a word ranking, with tools and Baidu Index Search index, found that Baidu index of nearly 200, and love station and Bole search results are 0. Only check Baidu index, the author also intends to push the word, to win Baidu ranked first. Later, after using other tools to query, found something wrong. The following figure is the Baidu index chart. As can be seen from the data, search volume has soared in recent days. Webmaster in the optimization of keywords, it is definitely the choice of users to search for high index words, rather than artificially being brushed words, even if the search index is high enough to bring the flow is only few. It's a waste of energy to push.


In the use of Love Station and Bole tool query, the result is incredibly 0, too pit Dad.


Now some key words are professional brush, you may put an index of 800 words to do the first, the results found only dozens of Baidu traffic, that word is very likely to be the word artificially painted. And now there are a lot of special tools to brush words, how to distinguish a word is artificial word? This can only be analyzed from the data. The author according to own some experience and the knowledge, tells the gang several brushes the word after the phenomenon.

One, various tools keyword query results are different

Baidu Index is the most accurate tool, said it is accurate, but may also be blind to the eyes of people. The change of the word can be seen from the curve of the statistic graph. Combined with the actual situation, such as winter search for weight loss is not a lot of people, but if the word index is high, there must be a problem. The use of other tools to query, found that the results are very inconsistent, you can determine the word is a manual brush word.

Second, the rankings and Baidu traffic is not practical

Some times keyword search index thousand tens of thousands, you do it to Baidu first page of the top 5, found to bring the flow of only dozens of. Under normal circumstances, this result is very questionable. If the thousands are the users of their own search to bring, that ranked 5th not to harvest dozens of IP. From this data analysis can be guessed that the keyword is very likely to be brushed. Perhaps you are particularly excited to find out how the cow's word was done, a look at the data on the crash, there is a sense of being played, so do more data analysis is very necessary.

In front of the webmaster to do the words and said the artificial word, in fact, there is also a search engine artificial word, to put it simply is forbidden words, this word is often search volume, index are very high, but also has a certain commercial value, this word everyone wants to do, to optimize, because at least he can bring your site a huge flow. However, you may encounter such a situation, no matter how you optimize, your site ranking is not to go, often ranked extremely poor, or even the site was K. Do keyword optimization Please rational, do not because of the immediate interests and ignore the overall situation. This article by the left-carnitine diet drug Feng Jiajuan Writing, reproduced please be sure to keep the link, with the sharing of progress!

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