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The most prominent feature of a wireless switch is its management performance, which is also one of the most basic functions of a wireless switch. It is a good supplement for Wireless AP. Under the centralized control of a wireless switch, a Wireless AP can reduce its management, security, QoS, and other functions. Of course, before becoming a "thin" AP, you must polish your eyes and carefully select "Weight Loss" products. Otherwise, the expected results may fail, and the money will be wasted.

When purchasing a wireless switch, users should pay special attention to AP management, security performance, roaming capabilities, and other aspects. At the same time, they should use as much as possible to use practical testing methods for selection.

Management is an expert

Management performance is one of the most fundamental functions of a wireless switch. A wireless switch product was born out of the need for centralized management of Wireless AP. Centralized wireless network management includes configuring and controlling all connected access points, centralized management of user authentication and security policies, and tracking and maintenance during roaming. In addition to the AP quantity management parameter, you should pay special attention to AP management functions such as automatic AP discovery, remote AP restart, illegal AP interception and location. In particular, the identification and positioning of illegal AP is not available or difficult to implement in traditional methods. Users should compare and analyze different positioning and processing methods, such as triangle positioning, and choose the best choice.

In addition, consider the Server Load balancer capabilities of devices, such as automatic signal adjustment and dynamic bandwidth allocation. This is also an important indicator that reflects the management performance of wireless switches. Server Load balancer ensures good QoS, especially when a large number of data streams are busy. In the management mode, the Web-based graphical user interface makes user operations more convenient.

"During the purchase process, we believe that the most important performance is the stability and compatibility of the device ." Li hewu, director of the wireless and mobile network Technology Research Office of Tsinghua University, told reporters: "We require devices to provide uninterrupted management services throughout the year, when the number of users increases, it is also necessary to ensure the stability of management and the service quality of key services. In addition, if you are not creating a new network, be sure to check whether the wireless switch is compatible with the AP ."

Looking forward to personalized security

Another major benefit of a wireless switch is to improve the security of the wireless network. Common security management methods include WEP data encryption, WPA/WPA2, MAC address filtering, and illegal access point Classification and detection. From layer-2 authentication and encryption to layer-2 VPN security mechanisms.

However, director Li told reporters: "Security, QoS, and other parameters are actually in the middle. Currently, wireless switch products support 802.11e, multiple SSID-differentiated, and 802.1x features ." In fact, WEP encryption may have 64-bit or 152-bit differences, but the actual reference value is not great. Users do not have to pay attention to the personalized security measures launched by the vendors. For example, third-party security service integration supports external RADIUS servers for user authentication policies.

Allow AP to roam freely

The AP switching latency during the roaming process of a wireless terminal is also a detail of the device's performance. This is also a very important parameter, which is related to the performance of data packets forwarded by the device, this will have an important impact on applications in wireless networks. On the one hand, the user needs to check whether the coverage of the wireless switch can achieve Seamless Roaming. On the other hand, do not trust the technical specifications of the manufacturer for the roaming capability between the switch and the switch. It is best for the user to perform actual measurement.

"Latency is the most important parameter for direct switch switching. Currently, the vendor's parameters are generally 30 ms. In our test, the latency is 30 ~ 50 ms. However, it is still supported by voice applications ." "If you switch between two vswitches, pay special attention to whether the devices are of the same model. Otherwise, they cannot be supported," said Li ."

In contrast to the increasing demand for wireless management, wireless switches are still a very short-start market segment. Although many network vendors have their own devices, as an independent technical field, it has not yet reached the maturity stage. In terms of products, there are still many functional defects in detail. Director Li said that the detailed location information display, plug-in enterprise server support, and active management functions of the AP to be further developed. Finally, for the upcoming 802.11n standard era, users should pay attention to the expansion capability of the wireless switch product.

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