Do not blindly pursue new heights in integrated cabling systems

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Wiring StandardPractical Application

Let's take a good look at network communication standards. It is not hard to see that many standards were launched to solve certain applications, such as the launch of 10G/40G/G networks, it mainly addresses applications of data centers and network trunk. Therefore, cat6 and cat6 cabling products are also applied to these network requirements. Therefore, do not blindly apply them to other fields, do not apply them too early in a horizontal cabling system, because our desktop applications have not been as high as we think so far.

Multimedia technology is widely used in all aspects of Internet information services such as online live broadcast, on-demand video, distance education, multimedia news publishing, online advertising, e-commerce, telemedicine, online radio stations, and real-time video conferencing, its application will bring revolutionary changes to network information exchange, which will have a profound impact on people's work and life. Let's take a look at how many digital multimedia applications require transmission today, see the table below;

Let's take a look at the network transmission requirements of CISCO's telepresence technology. CISCO is a brand new system technology, it combines Cisco's smart IP network, Unified Communication, and ultra-high-definition IP video resolution up to P) space IP audio, interactive collaborative components, digital movies, lighting environment, human body engineering and other fields of technological breakthroughs and Integration Technology, successful systematic innovation, real experience across space and technical barriers.

Internet business traffic: CISCO TelePresence delivers 30 p-encoded videos per second (33 Ms)

Maximum data rate per second

CTS-1000 CISCO TelePresence 1000) = 5.5 Mbps at 1080 p)

CTS-3000 CISCO TelePresence 3000) = 15.3 Mbps at 1080 p)

CTMS Cisco real-time multi-point switch) = 198 Mbps5.5 Mbps * 36 sites)

The bandwidth of the twisted pair cable and the application rate supported are as follows:


The reason for listing the above examples is to explain that the network bandwidth and speed actually applied to our desktop are not very high. In fact, the cat5e system generated 13 years ago can be supported, because the cat5e system can transmit Gigabit Networks, it also proves that the cabling system has a long vitality.

Now we are using a large number of six types of systems. I think at least ten years can also meet the needs of various applications from horizontal to desktop, because we should not ignore the development of communication coding technology, when we blindly demand higher bandwidth for the transmission system, we also need to firmly believe that there will be a better compression and decoding technology, so that our existing systems can support higher transmission rates without upgrading. Therefore, we do not need a high-bandwidth System for horizontal desktop system applications, currently, the cat6 cabling system can meet our needs in the next 10 to 20 years.

In addition, up to now, seven types of cabling have only been set up in Europe, and there are still no testing standards. If a cabling system is installed at an expensive cost and cannot be accepted, so how can we ensure future applications? This reminds me that at the beginning of the 21st century, before the final six-class standard came out, various wiring manufacturers rushed to launch their own six-class products based on the six-class standard draft, which was defined as MHz bandwidth, in addition, in the acceptance test, the test is also conducted according to their own standards. After the final six types of standards are determined to be MHz, many manufacturers have upgraded their products, the so-called MHz six-class system that was previously installed for the customer cannot meet the requirements of future applications.

Of course, it doesn't mean that there are no more than six or seven types of systems, but they need to be correctly applied. For example, they can be applied in the network trunk and in the data center, it is not recommended to use it in the Level System of ordinary commercial office buildings. It is a waste of resources, that is, it is not environmentally friendly.

This article introduces the viewpoint of the cabling system. For more information, please read: Do not blindly pursue new heights of Integrated cabling systems.

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