Do not like things or be sad: It is difficult to cultivate the Tao

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Shenma is full of clouds: This is a popular saying on the Internet. It is actually a very philosophical saying. We 'd better do it if we don't like things, we don't feel sad with ourselves, just do ourselves well.


My colleagues around you promoted it. You didn't promote it. Are you jealous and angry?

My colleague has gone abroad for training. You have no chance. Are you jealous and angry?

After five years of hard work, you did not promote you. Instead, you dropped your head. Are you angry?


Shenma is a cloud float. You just need to be good at yourself, not happy with yourself. The key question is, how many people can do it? Very few. There are too few people who need to practice and earn the best.


There is a story:"A newspaper seller is a grumpy person with a bad attitude towards people. Every newspaper buyer does not want to talk to him. After buying a newspaper, he will leave. Only one guest smiled and politely said "hello", "thank you", and "goodbye" to the poster every day ". People are wondering why they are so polite to a person with a bad attitude ?! The guest said, "How can I decide my attitude towards people ?!"Be the master of your soul, choose your own attitude towards life, and unswervingly execute it. If you don't like things or feel sad with yourself, you will get a different kind of happiness.!".


In fact, daily work is the best way to cultivate your own heart, temper your mental opportunities and stages. If you are mature, you will know Shenma is the most important thing: love life, love every day, do what you should do now, life is just a process, enjoy the process! to face the reality, only by working hard can we have a better life, but if you don't work hard, you certainly cannot have a better life!

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