Do not give to others

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Last night, I heard my girlfriend say that the album has been encrypted and the password has been set.

Today I went to see it and suddenly noticed that I was selfish.


Q: Who do I miss?
Your answer:

First time: enter your own name. --- Submit. Error
Second: Enter the name that only two of us know. --- Submit. Error
The third time: [I feel a little unknown in my heart, meditation for 2 minutes] Yes, it must be my own pinyin, input, and submit. Or error.

My God, I suddenly felt very bad, why not me?

Meditation, meditation, seriously recalling the content of yesterday's chat
A person who suddenly mentioned about the unfulfilled desire is...
For the fourth time, enter ***** and submit.

Yeah, successful

Although it is only a simple process of password album verification, I still feel that my thoughts are too selfish.
The first thing she had to think of was me. I could not tolerate other people and things. It seems that everything could only be turned around myself.
It's too selfish to say that you trust your account.


Life is two people's, and trust is the first.


Neo, sorry, I am so selfish. It's wrong to blame you. Please forgive me!


1. Do not do what you want
2. Trust, tolerance, and never abandon

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