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Users sent to mm a presentation on the skills of the PPT document, but, MM's computer does not install Office, this can be a nasty bad mm. Xiao Qiang GG I have long wanted to show her in front of her, this is my chance. So I resorted to the killer, so that mm see not installed Office can also see the PPT document.

1. Use PowerPoint Viewer to view PPT documents

Microsoft has free PowerPoint Viewer 2003 (Figure 1). Click here to download:

Figure 1 Installation Interface

With PowerPoint Viewer 2003, you can view your PPT document on a computer that does not have Office installed. With this software, you can also open a password-protected presentation that is no different from installing Office software. Only the presentation can be viewed and printed with the software, but not edited (Figure 2).

Figure 2 to view and print PPT

2, the PPT document into a picture

Believe that the picture browser on every computer, the Windows operating system has its own "picture and Fax Viewer" and the drawing tool, can be used to view the picture. This is very simple, just save the PPT document as a picture.

Xiao Qiang GG opens the PPT document with its own computer and then selects file → Save As, selects the save path, and selects a picture format in the Save as type Drop-down list (Figure 3).

Figure 3 converting PPT to pictures

Software enables you to save PPT as a picture format in a format such as GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, window graphics, and so on. Select Save to eject the "want to export all slides in a presentation or just export the current slide?", and select "Each slide" to turn the PPT into a picture (Figure 4). The transformed picture is sent to mm through Emai.

Figure 4 All conversions or individual conversions

3, the PPT document into a PDF format

By turning PPT into PDF format, you can easily read. Speaking of PDF document format conversion, PDFCreator This software is the most powerful, not only to achieve format conversion, but also to set permissions (Figure 5). Tenkine Software channel has been a detailed introduction of the software, please refer to the "easy to create with PDFCreator, edit the loving of the lazy fen?" Web site:).

PDF Builder (pdfcreator) Click here to download:

Figure 5 Printing

4, in Gmail to view the PPT document

Use Gmail to view the PPT document, but this feature is also out of the testing phase, if you are lucky you can directly in Gmail to view the PPT. Through other email account, the PPT document is sent to the Gmail mailbox in the form of an attachment. Log in with your Gmail account and password, open a message with a PPT document attachment, and select the "View as slideshow" link below the attachment (Figure 6) to play the presentation in a new window.

Figure 6 viewing ppt in Gmail

Click Right in the Play window

Key, you can see that Google slideshow currently has a simple control function, you can directly navigate to the home page or the last (Figure 7).

Figure 7 Simple control function

Log in to the English version of Gmail, so that the opportunity to view the mailbox to see the PPT document testing features a lot more.

5, the PPT document into an EXE file

All computers can execute EXE format files, and if you convert a PowerPoint presentation to an executable EXE file, you can view the PPT document on a computer that does not have Office installed. PowerPoint Slide Show Converter is a software that converts a PowerPoint document to an executable file.

Just select the ppt file to be converted and the address and file name after the conversion, click the "Generate Slides" button to start the conversion. Alternatively, you can select "Generate Autorun files for the CD/DVD disc" and "the attachment files (such as music, videos, or other linked documents) that are required by the PowerPoint presentation document." The former can generate autorun files, easy to burn automatic playback discs, the latter can add music or video in the converted file to enrich the document effect. Finally click on "Generate Slides" (Figure 8).

Figure 8 to generate a slide show

Believe that with the above skills, MM see PPT document has no problem, in the heart of MM will greatly improve the status, I stole pleasure!

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