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A lot of friends. When you play a slide file elsewhere, you cannot show the slide or show poorly because PowerPoint is not installed on the computer you are using, or the fonts used on the slide are missing, and so on. PowerPoint has already prepared a player for us, so just pack the file after the slide is finished and use the player to play the slide to completely relieve the annoyance.

Bean Editor Note: The method described in this paper is practical but rather cumbersome. If you do not have office, you can use the common sense of Microsoft developed PPT Viewer, more important it is completely free. Download Address: PowerPoint Viewer 2007 (PPT tool) Simplified Chinese version

Take PowerPoint2003 as an example, after the slide full setup is complete, click the File menu and choose Package for CD ... to open the dialog box.

Place in the diagram, enter the name of the file to be packaged. By default, the makefile contains PowerPoint players and linked files. To change, click the "Options ..." button to open the Options dialog box.

From the Options dialog box, you can select the included files, set the password to protect the files, and choose how the presentation will play in the player. A player can make a slide show on a computer that does not have PowerPoint installed, and a linked file can make a linked picture, sound, movie, and so on on a slide open on another computer. If you select embedded TrueType fonts, you can display the installed fonts that are used on the slides on other computers. Of course, the more you choose, the larger the package you generate. When the settings are complete, click OK to return to the original dialog box.

The PowerPoint Viewer also allows us to add more than one presentation. Click the Add File ... button and select the file you want to add in the dialog box that pops up.

With the "Add ..." and "delete" buttons on the right, we are free to add or remove presentations, changing the order in which the presentation is played by arrows up and down the left. When you are ready, click the Copy to Folder ... button and pack it on your hard disk as prompted. A folder named after the CD name will be generated on the hard disk, containing all the files needed for the PowerPoint player to play.

As soon as you open the Play.bat file, the player starts to automatically play the presentation in the package sequentially. If you select "Let the user select a presentation to browse" In the Options dialog box, the Play.bat file will not appear in the package, by opening the PPTVIEW.exe file and then selecting the presentation you want to play. The playback process is very convenient, click the left mouse button to do the next action, click the right mouse button, the pop-up menu can point to any slide or open the other presentation in the package.

All we have to do is copy the folder to a USB drive or CD, and the slides will play correctly regardless of whether you have PowerPoint or the fonts you want on your computer.

A few points to note, one is the operating system must be Windows 98 Second Edition and above version. The second is that the player does not support running macros, programs, or embedded objects. Third, the linked graphics are best used in. jpg and other common formats, there are many in PowerPoint can support the format in the player is not used.

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