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With the user's dependence on the search engine to strengthen, the search engine gradually invaded our lives, no matter what information to inquire, what to find services, the basic is through search engines to find. As a result, businesses have also brought unlimited business opportunities, so many enterprises have used search engine ranking mechanism, or through bidding to gain benefits.

The mainstream search engine has Google, Baidu and so on. But in terms of domestic, basically Baidu is search engine, search engine is Baidu. And in the Baidu launched the auction advertisement, the Purchase keyword promotion Way unifies the pertinence to be strong, the widespread degree is high, the placement nimble and so on superiority receives many advertisers to chase the stick. However, this is also a double-edged sword, it can also be used by competitors to use, the use of our brand name as a keyword delivery, in the A5 webmaster Network, to understand the Zhu Weikun of the article on Baidu's spit slot is also true. And there have been many such cases in the past.

July 09, Xtools This brand once high-profile on the TV ads, want users to search their own brand name or product name-corporate vitamins to find their official information, the result, unexpectedly appeared in the first is a call 800 guests of the company's website, and according to Xtools said, This has indeed happened more than once.

Of course, the same case is not just this one, you can go to the Internet to find the relevant cases. The following picture is I just search Guangzhou 58 results, you see what is the first one? Just imagine, what's the concept for a user who wants to find out about 58 people in the city of Guangzhou to publish information:


Of course, the slot to spit slot, Baidu will not therefore your spit and to change a policy, will not that brother Zhu's spit and restore the weight of your site, so, in the presence of such problems, we spit, more should be how to restore the weight of the site, or to find ways to prevent trademark infringement:

How to effectively prevent the trademark infringement, here I have a few suggestions, although there is no actual operation, but also the author spent a lot of time to collect some of the data back, hoping to help everyone:

First: The most important thing is always to carry out trademark registration, trademarks are not registered will not be protected by the law, only registered trademarks are eligible to investigate the responsibility. On the issue of trademark registration, we may wish to http:// this Guangzhou trademark registration network to see, above has the detailed trademark registration information, but also has the trademark registration knowledge, in the trademark infringement phenomenon is increasingly serious today, everybody should learn the trademark registration this aspect knowledge, only then may better protect own property right information in the future.

Second: If the infringement has occurred, then everyone should immediately do the justice of the Web site, and collect the relevant evidence to save.

Third: To find ways to contact the other side, the oral suppression of infringement, if the suppression of invalid, can seek the help of lawyers, send a letter of attorney, forced to stop the infringement, otherwise held legal responsibility.

Four (key): Join Baidu Netizen rights and Interests protection plan, do not know whether we have found, search most of the keywords, the search page on the right side will appear the following figure text. Click the hyperlink to enter, you can understand the details of the plan has been introduced the relevant trademark protection of the normal, if the trademark infringement to the site's interests has caused harm, can also get the compensation of Baidu, obviously Baidu has been the situation began to pay attention to.


Of course, the current Baidu introduced this so-called rights and interests, in fact, or for high-end customers, and for the vast number of grassroots webmaster, there is no corresponding problems to solve. As Brother Chu Spit This situation, if the weight of the site can not be promoted, then the problem can not be solved. So, the relationship between search engines and trademarks in the future is how a situation, we do not know, but already the situation, the brand of the site is clearly the most insurance of a practice, but also for the site or the future development of enterprises lay a good foundation. This article comes from Gongsunze Guangzhou trademark registration http://, the article was originally shared by Gongsunze, brother to spit out the groove of a little sentiment, I hope you can reprint the link, do not because of a link to affect the user experience of the article, the user for the king, the content of the emperor is the current trend of SEO, more than a good link for users to read the article, there is no bad.

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