Do not trust pubsubhubbub too much

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Zheng @ playpoly Sr 200911

In "using the pubsubhubbub protocol to receive greadershareditems updates in real time", I said:"

It's not as often imagined. When you click an article in Google ReaderArticleHub immediately pushes updates to subscriber.Not necessarily.

In most cases, new data is pushed in several hundred milliseconds to several seconds. However, sometimes it may be the hub policy setting. A hub push is triggered only after two shared clicks. The pushed data content is the two articles shared in this batch.


After such a long test, it does not mean that "a hub push data is triggered only after two share clicks", but sometimes the Hub does not trigger the data at all, no matter how you click share in Google Reader. At this time, it is not a subscriber)ProgramBusy or not responding, but no new data is pushed at all.

It can be seen that your application should not rely too much on the pubsubhubbub protocol and the hub server provided by Google.

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