Do not use Chinese-style thinking to operate the o2o model any more.

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O2o is a hot term in the Internet field. Start-ups are obsessed with it, Internet giants are crazy about it, and venture capitalists are throwing a huge deal at it. I also started my own business. I happened to hook my business content with o2o, which is also the most important food and beverage o2o for major Internet companies. Every day, I am reading articles about the Internet and comments about o2o, but the more I see it, the more surprised. Everyone is crazy about the o2o model and tries to create a closed Closed Loop. In this loop, from merchants to consumers, there is no profit provider.

However, with the most concentrated consumer of the o2o model-group buying websites failing one by one, I realized that this closed loop (rather than a closed loop) is difficult to establish. Group buying websites damage the interests of merchants. Take-out o2o requires a lot of labor costs, and taxi applications charge consumers ...... The success of these o2o models is based on compromising the interests of one party.

I once heard of a story about Jews building a cinema in a remote place. Soon there will be restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and finally a prosperous city; the Chinese are building a cinema in a remote place, and a second cinema and a third cinema will appear next to it soon. Finally, the economy of the whole region collapsed due to mutual competition. This story tells us that, as long as something succeeds in China, the counterfeits will appear continuously, leading to the collapse of the whole industry. This is also true for o2o development in China.

The profit of the o2o model is obtained from sellers and consumers, and the first task is to seize sellers and consumers. Some time ago, I saw news about two taxi hailing apps trying to win over taxi drivers. This seems to be an overhead of the two employees, but it is a microcosm of the two companies from the beginning to the development to the decline.

This is the o2o model under Chinese thinking. In what industries do others do, I invest more money, find more businesses, and charge less fees. Even if the o2o closed loop is formed at the end of the day, it is also full of scars. As long as you want to increase profits, you will be immediately abandoned by sellers and switched to your opponent's arms, so you have to continue to barely make a living with low profits.

O2o is called o2o if it does not attract merchants, users, or closed-loop funds? I think o2o is just a model that allows the public to obtain information and consume it on the ground. Why do we have to keep the funds of sellers and users in our own hands to form a closed loop that everyone rejects? The o2o model can be an open model to free up the constraints of sellers and consumers. We become a provider of an equal transaction platform.

For example, I am working on o2o in the catering industry, that is, consumers can order meals, order meals, and directly eat at the store on their mobile phones. However, I provide this software to sellers for free. No maintenance fee or meal order fee is charged, and no additional fee is required for consumers. Sellers are happy to have one more promotion platform, and consumers are happy to have one more way to obtain merchant information. The pace of business development must be very rapid. As for the profit method, I plan to start with the wine dealer.

I will reserve several advertising spaces on the merchant's menu for serving liquor advertisements. Just like the advertisement in the elevator room rented by Focus Media, the difference is that his ad space is rented, and my ad space is developed by myself.

The use of this o2o model will not produce conflicts of interests. For the same merchant, you can sign several o2o companies at the same time. Everyone is free of charge and there will be no loss of half a cent. For Internet companies, as long as they have a platform, they cannot make any money.

This is my new o2o model, a model that does not need to be killed by bath and blood, and a model that allows mutual growth. Of course, the reason why I wrote this article is that I am not doing well. I graduated from college with poor experience and did not dare to invest money blindly. I hope someone will help me verify the correctness of this model.

Do not use Chinese-style thinking to operate the o2o model any more.

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