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Programmers should not write code at home.
At the beginning of work, weekends sometimes at home overtime, to catch the duration, do not want to go to the company, feeling back and forth on the road too waste time.
With the increasing number of working hours, more and more projects have been done, and many project managers and department heads have found that working overtime at home is a very low price for sale. They don't actually see you working overtime at home, they just see you commute to work on time and finish the job on time. The hard work of writing code at home, they can not see, in the long run, the leadership will think that your job is very easy, will continue to add new tasks to you, leading to a vicious circle.
In short, the final conclusion is not to write code at home to work overtime, this is a thankless thing. Hard, but no one to see, but give people a kind of work is very relaxed feeling.
If there are other teams working overtime every day on their projects, the contrast will be more pronounced and the loss will be greater.

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