Do these 9 things just called the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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· Chrysanthemum Appreciation ·

Chrysanthemum appreciation from ancient times quite popular scholar, in the flowers withered season, only the Chrysanthemum gorgeous, only this point enough to arouse the literati poets poetry, Nana can not help but think of Tao Yuanming master: "Pick Chrysanthemum East fence, leisurely see Nanshan." ”

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Now the most famous chrysanthemum appreciation City Nana side also help you to collect a bit: Kaifeng, Jinan, Tongxiang, Nantong, Beijing, have chrysanthemum appreciation feelings of small partners can go together and line Oh.

· Moon ·

The moon is more romantic, as the saying goes: "15 of the Moon, 16 yuan," a person can be said to enjoy the moon, such as "Jutou looking at the moon, the shadow into three people", two people are sweet, such as "The Moon Willow Shaotou, people about dusk," so you are what kind of it ...?

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· Watch a movie ·

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival cinema blockbuster is also crowding out, to chrysanthemum appreciation the Moon is not interested in the small partners, can be about the goddess of God to go out to see a movie chat life, lesbian small hands.

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· Crab Products ·

Autumn is rich in the season of hairy crabs, according to the scientific basis for health, autumn weather gradually turn cool, eat hairy crabs can prevent the occurrence of various diseases, but ... This is not the reason why we eat crabs.

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Hairy crabs are rich in protein, after the operation of people eat to help wound healing, anti-infection, while the right amount of crab can promote the balance of energy, play a detoxification role, and hairy crabs are rich in vitamins A, E and other nutrients, can prevent tumor cancer. The most important thing is-where to buy hairy crabs, the highest subsidy 100%!

However, these are not the focus, the key point is which cost-effective Internet + convenience store will open soon, and then want to settle in which cost-effective online or offline platform, you can call the merchants Tel: 400-900-6999, the tenants also enjoy the highest free subsidy 100% Oh!

· Eat mooncakes ·

Family together to eat moon cakes symbolize the round, and the foodie is more concerned about the 10 fingers are not counted over the moon cake stuffing, it is said that the moon cakes have been successfully born to replace the five-ren moon cakes-Six kernel moon cakes (crazy ... )

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· Watch the light show ·

See the light show is China's mid-Autumn festival has been a traditional custom, parents should be more enthusiastic about this, a rare holiday with them to see the lantern, take a photo is also a good choice, of course, for us, after the photo of the film may be a friend of the self-photo!

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· Guessing Riddles ·

Just said to see the light show, school time Love to pick up the children's shoes are estimated to have blurted out "guessing riddles" the three words ~ here, Nana just want to charge everyone a sentence, remember to carry a "mid-Autumn lantern Riddles Daquan" may also be able to take a prize home.

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· Autumn Outing ·

Autumn is autumn outing good season, the best outdoor tour is to climb the autumn leaves or gather small partners to go to the field barbecue, "Parking favorite maple Forest late", the temperature and scenery just harmonious together.

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· Hoarding Goods ·

"Stock", the shot on the shot, we would like to call themselves "thrifty good youth", they always pay attention to the life of the various preferential information, rushed in the main platform compared to the forefront of the discount, usually not easy to shoot, once shot on the road, the way to run, buy indefinitely.

this year's Mid-autumn festival their shrewd gaze locked What's the deal?

For more information on "What's good", please follow the public number "What's The deal"?

Do these 9 things just called the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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