Do your own thing first.

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Title, recently should the teacher and schoolmate's request, must help under the achievement nearly schoolmate.

I also want to help everyone, learn from each other, progress together.

Then built a QQ group, intended to help them. After one weeks of trying, it feels like it's over.

Originally wanted to everyone together can brainstorm, can make a difference, however, and no, they seem to have no interest, my filled with blood ah. A pity.

Didn't find anything useful, nothing more than to tell them what I was going to do. I'm out of my wits too. I hope that there is a group of like-minded people, a group of interesting people, who have their own ideas.

It's so hard. There is no unique point of view and new ideas.

And then talk with me sitting at the same table: sex, female;

In the professional class when can sleep, every time always to wake her up several times. Homework doesn't want me to teach her, and now I'm bored.

She likes to sleep every day in class, do not listen, I can have what way?

Always when I do the problem to ask me to solve her problem, please ah, I have homework to do ah.

And every time is to solve some very mentally retarded problem, not a wrong one, is to knock off a letter or something. This kind of is completely careful to be able to take care of, a lot of questions to try more, try to solve the

Every time I find her a mistake, I don't know where I'm going to write it. So depressed

It's been a pretty good relationship with her before. And always have the patience to solve problems for her. But

After all, there are men who have friends, ah, I still want to keep a little distance. We all have a good self-esteem.

Dog Blood is, a few days ago to the head teacher ' off ', she gossip about our relationship, and the class of students think we have something like ...

The head teacher said, she saw my deskmate in the playground with our class, a classmate of the hand. Hey yo, I'm going, what does this have to do with me?

In order to no longer make a misunderstanding, or do not do the same table is good.

As for changing seats, also do not want to have a female deskmate. High school girl's deskmate, all kinds of dog blood. I'm scared.


Their ability is also limited, it seems that the class went to school well, but there is no egg use. They're all ignorant and fearless.

It is the so-called poverty that is spared. You learn to do that, or do your own things first.



Do your own thing first.

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