Docker Learning Notes (ii)

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1. Start the container

There are two ways to start a container, one is to create a new container based on the mirror and start, and the other is to restart the container in the terminating state (stopped).


1.docker run centos:6/bin/echo ' Hello World ' #输出一个 "Hello World", then terminates the container

2.docker run-t-I centos:6/bin/bash #启动一个bash终端, allowing users to interact

-tOption lets Docker assign a pseudo terminal (Pseudo-tty) and bind to the container's standard input, -i keeping the container's standard input open.

When used docker run to create a container, the standard operations that Docker runs in the background include:

  • Checks if there is a specified image locally and does not exist to download from the public repository
  • Create and start a container with mirroring
  • Assign a file system and mount a layer of read-write layers outside the mirrored layer
  • Bridging a virtual interface into a container from the bridge interface configured by the host host
  • Configure an IP address from the address pool to the container
  • Executing user-specified applications
  • Container is terminated when execution is complete

Start a container that has been terminated

The command can be used to docker start start a terminated container directly.

Docker start container name Docker stop container name

Docker Learning Notes (ii)

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