Docker specifies a method for multiple Insecure registry

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Docker if you need to manage the image from a non-SSL source, you need to configure the Insecury-registry parameter for the Docker profile, typically modifying its configuration file in the following location:



By default, the Insecure_registry parameter is commented out and can be configured to target non-SSL-encrypted Docker Registry, as needed, for example:

Insecure_registry= '--insecure-registry 10.XX. Xx. xx:5000 '

If you need to explicitly label multiple non-SSL sources at the same time, add multiple insecure-registry tags, for example:

Insecure_registry= '--insecure-registry 10.XX. Xx. xx:5000--insecure-registry 10.XX. Xx. xx:5000 '

Before you push a custom image to the target registry, you need to tag the image, such as the path (port) information that does not contain registry in the tag, The default push image to the official source (, if you need to push to a custom mirror source, you need to tag the target with the address of the custom image repository, such as:
sudo docker tag 10.XX.

This instruction allows you to mark the image downloaded by the Docker official image source as a new image with a custom repository path (10. Xx.

After marking, you can use Sodu Docker images to check the image is correctly specified repository information and tag information, confirm the error, you can push to the custom repository:

sudo docker push 10.XX.

Under normal circumstances, the image has been pushed to 10. Xx. path.

Docker specifies a method for multiple Insecure registry

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