Document and automate development processes using rational method composer and jazz (ii)

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Using Existing Processes

Brief introduction

In the 1th installment of this series, Bruce MacIsaac explains the value of the software development approach. This article describes how to implement the process defined in IBM Rational method Composer and how to automate it in IBM Rational Team concert.

The Rational method Composer is used to manage, adjust, and communicate process descriptions. It is made up of two parts:

A process asset that exists in the form of an IBM processes Library, consisting of practices and prebuilt processes that you can adopt or adjust.

A tool for authoring, adjusting, configuring, and publishing process descriptions.

You can also download the free trial version of Rational method Composer from DeveloperWorks.

The Rational Team concert is used for collaborative planning, work item management, source code control management, and continuous build. It provides highly configurable process support to suit the way you want to work, enabling team members to collaborate efficiently.

The Rational method Composer process Description provides a human-readable guide for team members to work together effectively as a team. The Rational Team Concert process template provides machine-readable rules for configuring tools to support your process. In summary, these two applications provide a powerful solution for process management, process operations, and measurable improvements.

To explain the integration between rational method Composer and Rational Team concert, we took advantage of the Management of collaborative lifecycle CLM (Rati, Collaborative lifecycle Management) Onal solutions, including rational method Composer process assets (such as process descriptions, tool guides, and metrics) and other process assets (such as the Rational Team Concert process template). These assets provide the project team with the tools to install and configure the CLM, as well as the guidance needed to run the project.

Scenario: Using the available process assets

We use a scenario to illustrate the integration capabilities of the rational method Composer and the Rational Team concert, where teams use the available process assets (as is).

In this scenario, we introduced the Rational solution for the CLM process asset. The process assets are developed by IBM to support the installation and configuration of the CLM tool and to add process guidance on how to use the tools as part of the full software development lifecycle.

To illustrate the use of the process assets, we used a fictional project team, the Business Recovery Matters Project team, a project under the money-matters program of jke financial institutions. The Business Recovery Matters Project includes a project leadership team, a feature team, a deployment team, and an independent testing team. The scenario focuses on the project leadership team, which builds the environment and lets the staff start the team work. This scenario involves the following project leadership team members:

Pam, project Manager

Peter, Process Engineer

Todd, tool expert.

Ursula, business Analyst

Determine which tools to use

The project leadership team is considering the adoption of sophisticated development practices and tools to speed up start-up projects to help them work effectively.

Peter and Todd investigate the process assets and tools available. They decided to use rational method Composer for process logging and to collaborate with the Rational Team Concert Corps members. The Jke organization purchased the appropriate licenses for use by the team.

According to their investigation, the leadership team also decided to adopt CLM process assets for the following purposes:

Quick configuration tools and lifecycle projects for the team to start working

Adoption of proven Success patterns

Provides guidance and contextual guidance that enables team members to quickly master the process of a team


You can read the full money This matters lifecycle scenario to learn more about installing, setting, and using the CLM tool. (Required to register on the, registration is free of charge.) )

In order to use Rational method Composer for content authoring, appropriate licensing is required. Available licenses include the Authorized User license, floating license, or tokens.

In order to browse the content published by rational Method Composer, a Authorized User license or Rational method Composer content Reader license is required.

The following sections explain how they start and run their projects.

Install and configure CLM tools and assets

Todd follows the guide under IBM's CLM Information Center installing the Rational solution for CLM theme.

He has administrator privileges on the system, so he installs and configures the CLM tool, which includes installing and configuring servers, licenses, users, and so on.

Note: He can also choose to install the Client tool.

After the tool has been installed and configured, Todd confirms that the Jazz team Server (JTS) is running so that he can proceed to the next step.

CLM solution process Assets can be downloaded from the IBM Rational solution Process Asset page.

There are two major components to download: Published content or content from the Composer Library of Rational method.

For the purpose of the scenario, the leadership team decided to use standard process content, so Todd downloaded the published Rational method Composer process content (provided in Clm.war file).

Deploy the published Rational method Composer content to the Jazz team Server

To access the Rational method Composer process guide from the Rational Team Concert Project area, Todd deploys the Clm.war file to Jazz team Server (JTS), which uses the tool's own default Tom Cat server.

Todd deploys the Clm.war file (equivalent to decompression) in the following directory (where the italic portion depends on your system):


Other process assets available in this solution, such as the Rational team Concert process template and the Lifecycle Project Administration template, are embedded in the published process content.

After Todd deployed the Clm.war file, he used the following URL to access the process description in a Web browser:


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