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document Transparent encryption system, is one of the earliest security protection system for core information assets to provide all-round content security protection.  

DLP with data transparent encryption technology as the core, through the establishment of information security boundaries, reduce the core information assets of intentional or unintentional disclosure risk, such as source code, design drawings, financial data, business analysis and other.
For the core data, the use of transparent encryption control is used to control the safe use of data when it is necessary to control the data process using security. The system is based on Windows file system Driver development, combined with high-intensity international popular encryption algorithm, the file drive layer encryption and decryption operations. For file types that need to be protected, the system will encrypt the file when it is saved, without changing the format and form of the file. If there is no legal use of identity, access rights and the correct secure channel, all encrypted files will be stored in ciphertext state, through other illegal means can not steal the contents of the file.
DLP adhere to the encryption and decryption transparent, management enforcement and use of non-perceptual design principles, effectively prevent the enterprise core information assets leakage, while not affecting the user's work habits and business efficiency.

Document transparent encryption System product Advantages:

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Document Encryption Software---China

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