Documentum FAQ 5-how to view note remarks of users during Workflow running

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Question 5: how to view note remarks of users during Workflow running
When a workflow is running, you can write some remarks when processing the task according to the actual situation at the time. How can you store the remarks in the Documentum system? You can search through the following dql statements.
-- 1. Search for Workflow Information
Select * From dmi_workitem_sp where r_workflow_id = '4d002b6780001d00 ';  
-- Here, the workitem information of the task processing task contained in the workflow ID 4d002b6780001d00 is viewed. The workflow ID can be obtained through select * From dm_workflow where object_name = 'xxx.
-- 2. Search for the corresponding attachment information through the workflow ID and find the corresponding note record
Select * From dmi_package_sp where r_workflow_id = '4d002b6780001d00 '; -- obtains the package information corresponding to the workflow running process.
Select * From dmi_package_rp where r_object_id in ('49002b6780002100', '49002b6780002101 ',
'49002b6780002102 ', '49002b6780002103', '49002b6780002104 ', '49002b6780002105', '49002b6780002106 '); -- view the NOTE Information ID.
-- 3. view the note record storage path
Select * From dm_note_sp where r_object_id in ('41002b678000000ab', '41002b6780010881 ');
Select * From dm_note_rp where r_object_id in ('41002b678000000ab', '41002b6780010881 ');
Select * From dm_note_rv where r_object_id in ('41002b678000000ab', '41002b6780010881 ');
Select * From dm_note_sv where r_object_id in ('41002b678000000ab', '41002b6780010881 ');
-- We can see from the dm_note_rp view that the folder for saving the corresponding note file (in TXT format) is 0b002b67800077fb 0b002b6780003141
-- Find the specific folder path and you can see that the corresponding TXT format note file is under resource \ tau3. You need to open the TXT file to see the specific note information.
Select * From dm_folder_sp where r_object_id in ('0b002b67800077fb ', '0b002b6780003141 ');
Select * From dm_folder_rp where r_object_id in ('0b002b67800077fb ', '0b002b6780003141 ');

In fact, we can also see from the above records that when a workflow user enters remarks during task execution, the information is stored in the resource file cabinet by default, in the folder named after the user name, save as a TXT file. Open the TXT file to see the actual remarks.
(Another problem is introduced here. The resource file cabinet is the default file cabinet of the system. There are some default file cabinets in the system. How do I set the permissions of these default file cabinets? Will be discussed later)

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